Stephanie Welsford

Stephanie Welsford

Head of English and Media. Massive teacher geek.

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Risks and Journeys by Stephanie Welsford

Risks and Journeys

Every so often a student will ask why on earth I became a teacher. They always ask with the same incredulous...

Round Up by Stephanie Welsford

Round Up

After years of lurking on Twitter, whizzing through blogs and collecting online gems (some to use straight...

Questioning My Questioning by Stephanie Welsford

Questioning My Questioning

In a fit of new year zeal, I put something about differentiated questioning in an appraisal target this...

Recognising Excellence by Stephanie Welsford

Recognising Excellence

One of the key aspects of Ron Berger’s (heart flutter) writing and thinking that resonates with me...

In Praise of New Teachers From Around the World by Stephanie Welsford

In Praise of New Teachers From Around the World

When I became Head of English at my school, I faced the massive challenge of leading a department with...

In Praise of our School Library by Stephanie Welsford

In Praise of our School Library

We are very lucky. We have always had headteachers who value the library and are willing to invest into...

Developing Learning Behaviours by Stephanie Welsford

Developing Learning Behaviours

It was back into project style learning land with my Year 7s today. Here are some rambling reflections...

Musical Chairs by Stephanie Welsford

Musical Chairs

Yesterday, I waxed lyrical about the importance of planning. Today, I’m feeling the love for seating...

The Pleasure of Planning by Stephanie Welsford

The Pleasure of Planning

My name is Stephanie Welsford and I like lesson planning. There, I’ve admitted it. In fact, given...

Teaching: the ultimate refreshment by Stephanie Welsford

Teaching: the ultimate refreshment

One of the (many) things I love about teaching is the opportunity it offers to refresh, change, rethink...

Mindset Cocktail by Stephanie Welsford

Mindset Cocktail

When reading ‘Mindset’, I definitely sympathised with Dweck’s realisation that she was a very fixed...

Zoo encounters by Stephanie Welsford

Zoo encounters

Squeaking in with a last minute post!  We went on a wonderful trip to Whipsnade zoo today with a big...

UNsatisfactory by Stephanie Welsford


My school (that I love) was labelled for years and years as ‘Satisfactory’. I hate that word and...

Teaching through the Generations by Stephanie Welsford

Teaching through the Generations

I am sitting in my lounge this evening surrounded by teachers. Me and my wife are secondary teachers,...

Will I still rock footless tights in 10 years? by Stephanie Welsford

Will I still rock footless tights in 10 years?

What did you want to be when you were wee?An author. I still have ambitions to retire into writing and...

Balancing the Berger Diet by Stephanie Welsford

Balancing the Berger Diet

In the final week of the half term my Berger binge started to backfire. It may have been the infernal...

For the love of teaching by Stephanie Welsford

For the love of teaching

A shared love of teaching and and a very special student bought me and my lovely wife together.  So,...

Defeating the Marking Bag by Stephanie Welsford

Defeating the Marking Bag

Holidays are very lovely but they inevitably involve a big bag of marking lurking in the corner of my...

Sharing a Berger by Stephanie Welsford

Sharing a Berger

This morning I shared some ideas on Ethic of Excellence and stretch and challenge with our whole staff....

Back to Teaching Basics by Stephanie Welsford

Back to Teaching Basics

I really enjoyed my classroom teaching today, and thank goodness for it in the face of dull, middle management...

Sex In The Classroom by Stephanie Welsford

Sex In The Classroom

Today in my Year 10 lesson we were discussing Charlotte Mew’s poem, ‘The Farmer’s Bride’. Examining...

Meeting the Parents by Stephanie Welsford

Meeting the Parents

After moving away from old school parents’ evenings under our previous head, they are back with a vengeance...

When can we give them zero? by Stephanie Welsford

When can we give them zero?

In this culture of league tables, high stakes, value added, progress, attainment, pressure for results...

How to set up a classroom for survival by Stephanie Welsford

How to set up a classroom for survival

The glorious world of middle management has massively changed my work habits. Gone are the days of spending...

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