Stories of teachers taking action to look after themselves better, using the connect-exercise-notice-learn-volunteer framework developed by Martyn Reah.

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The life of a teacher? by Julie Hunter

The life of a teacher?

A university lecturer told this story to my PGCE students last year. A teacher's life is like jumping...

Julie Hunter Julie Hunter
Reflections on preparation by Amy Jeetley

Reflections on preparation

Reflection and preparation is a personal choice for teachers when returning to school in September, and...

Amy Jeetley Amy Jeetley
Made in May by Christine Couser

Made in May

I enjoy #teacher5aday and often take part in the monthly 'campaigns'. As a teacher, I really enjoy my...

Christine Couser Christine Couser
Using Twitter to pay it forward 40/44 by B Yusuf

Using Twitter to pay it forward 40/44

Image: B Yusuf Yesterday afternoon provided a great opportunity to wrack up #teacher5aday points as...

B Yusuf B Yusuf
Giving myself permission 39/44 by B Yusuf

Giving myself permission 39/44

Image: Butwewillstay.com I don’t know about anyone else who has already started their Easter break,...

B Yusuf B Yusuf
Teach me stamina! by Katie O'Malley

Teach me stamina!

It's my first day of half term today and so I managed to restore some balance to life by going to an...

Katie O'Malley Katie O'Malley
#teacher5aday #fitfeb by Kerry Macfarlane

#teacher5aday #fitfeb

Following on from the success of last year’s #teacher5aday #fitfeb, where so many of you got involved...

Kerry Macfarlane Kerry Macfarlane
What to do when life is giving you a bumpy ride. by CHARMAINE ROCHE

What to do when life is giving you a bumpy ride.

Imagine riding through life on a cycle with wheels like the one in image above. A recent coaching session...

A year of one sketch a day by Jill Berry

A year of one sketch a day

In December 2015, the wonderful @jobaker gave me a Visual Journal as thanks   for contributing to a...

Jill Berry Jill Berry
My 2017 #Teacher5aday #Pledge by Vivienne Grant

My 2017 #Teacher5aday #Pledge

My Pledges:-CONNECTPledge: To deepen my relationshipsRelationships mean a lot to me. I know I am a people...

Vivienne Grant Vivienne Grant
Deputy on the Run by Tim Brogan

Deputy on the Run

Ideas for post 1/52 of the #WeeklyBlogChallenge17 have been circulating in my head for some time and...

Tim Brogan Tim Brogan
Up and running in 2017 by Zeba Clarke

Up and running in 2017

A former colleague and great friend in Brussels was the person who started me running. I even managed...

Zeba Clarke Zeba Clarke
Putting yourself first by Rachel Britt

Putting yourself first

My 10 top tips for wellbeing1) Number 1 is YOU. You are the most important person in that classroom....

Rachel Britt Rachel Britt
I said I'd keep it simple... A review of the year. by Abigail Mann

I said I'd keep it simple... A review of the year.

Does anyone else feel like 2016 has just flown by? Where does the time go?My 2015 #teacher5aday post stated...

Abigail Mann Abigail Mann
#Teacher5aday pledge by Kiran S

#Teacher5aday pledge

#ConnectI am so grateful for all the wonderful new connections I have made on Twitter – so grateful....

Kiran S Kiran S
My pledge by Natalie Wilcox

My pledge

This is definitely going to be a very quick one as I'm hoping to write my 'Bold' story too.My pledge...

Natalie Wilcox Natalie Wilcox
I Pledge... by Jenna Lucas

I Pledge...

As a former Brownie, I'm pretty accustomed to making pledges! Before starting out on this year's, I familiarised...

Jenna Lucas Jenna Lucas
#teacher5aday pledge 2017 by Jaz Ampaw-Farr

#teacher5aday pledge 2017

3 things I love about #teacher5aday:1) It's all about looking after yourself. What better role model...

Jaz Ampaw-Farr Jaz Ampaw-Farr
Time to dream by Vivienne Porritt

Time to dream

My last #teacher5aday pledge was in 14/15.  In coming out of a tough time I did a half way house post...

Vivienne Porritt Vivienne Porritt
#teacher5aday pledge for 2017 – looking forward 31/44 by B Yusuf

#teacher5aday pledge for 2017 – looking forward 31/44

#learnWhile I am busy making plans, I will learn to accept and embrace the learning that life sends my...

B Yusuf B Yusuf
Newbie Pledge by B P

Newbie Pledge

I'm new to Staffrm, but within the first ten minutes, I'm hooked! My deputy head has been trying to get...

My #Teacher5aday Pledges for 2017 by Debbie Inglis

My #Teacher5aday Pledges for 2017

It's been quite inspiring reading all the other pledges for 2017! Here's my offering ...#ConnectI spent...

Debbie Inglis Debbie Inglis
My #teacher5day Pledge 2017 by Dawn Jones

My #teacher5day Pledge 2017

Wellbeing - it has to be the central most important factor in the current education world.  Why?  Well...

Dawn Jones Dawn Jones
My #teacher5aday pledges 2017 by Colin Grimes

My #teacher5aday pledges 2017

#notice My drive to work is beautiful, no matter what the weather or time of year it is simply stunning....

Colin Grimes Colin Grimes
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