The best version of me! by Martha Da Costa-Sherwood

The best version of me!

This afternoon I was talking to one of my 6th form girls during lunch when she asked a series of about...

Be the change you want to see! by Anita Devi

Be the change you want to see!

Over the years I have lead or facilitated numerous events to support the empowerment of women, in education...

Anita Devi Anita Devi
Becoming bold by Catherine Campbell

Becoming bold

I've given International Women's Day a lot of thought this week after attending the fantastic WomenEdLondon...

Catherine Campbell Catherine Campbell
Closing reflections for #iwd17 #BeBoldForChange by Nasima Riazat

Closing reflections for #iwd17 #BeBoldForChange

I am humbled and honoured to be asked to write the closing reflections for this year's #iwd17 digimeet...

Nasima Riazat Nasima Riazat
#IWD in the Primary Classroom by Kiran S

#IWD in the Primary Classroom

I am beaming!! I don’t think I’ve been soo proud of owing such a range of inspiring and empowering...

Kiran S Kiran S
To go boldly..... by Lena Carter

To go boldly.....

#iwd17‍ #digimeet‍ @misswilsey‍ 8.45pmPhoto credit: @pixabay I have spent the weekend at a conference...

Lena Carter Lena Carter
Confessions of a Bold Woman by Rebecca Leech

Confessions of a Bold Woman

header image credit: Angela Penny the BoldI would lay...

Rebecca Leech Rebecca Leech
Some advice for staying bold! by Naomi Ward

Some advice for staying bold!

Much of the content today has been about educators finding their own paths, politely stepping around...

Naomi Ward Naomi Ward
#BeBoldForChange by Cherish Bere


On Being Brave/Bold – ‘A Collective Voice’On 16 February I was part of a Teacher Panel on, 'Why...

Cherish Bere Cherish Bere
Be Inspired, Be Bold, Take Action ( take 2) by Vivienne Porritt

Be Inspired, Be Bold, Take Action ( take 2)

What an amazing, joyous day @WomenEdLondon was yesterday. It was a privilege to start #WomenEd's #iwd17‍...

Vivienne Porritt Vivienne Porritt
March Is For Mothers #IWD2017 by Kiran S

March Is For Mothers #IWD2017

Changing archaic traditions, expectations and conventions. I may be the proudest daughter in the world....

Kiran S Kiran S
IWD2017 by Emma Whitwam


This week it's International Women's Day. Last year I went to the Southbank centre and saw Caitlin Moran...

Emma Whitwam Emma Whitwam
WHAT DOES BOLD MEAN? by Youlande  Biosah


Dictionary definition (courtesy of google) Bold - an adjective meaning a person, action or idea showing...

Youlande  Biosah Youlande Biosah
Powerful Beyond Measure by Martha Da Costa-Sherwood

Powerful Beyond Measure

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.”Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond...

#BeBoldForChange by Anoara Mughal


It was a leap of faith, as I excitedly ran through King's Cross Station yesterday,     looking forward...

Anoara Mughal Anoara Mughal
I did not choose to become bold! 36/44 by B Yusuf

I did not choose to become bold! 36/44

Image credit: Centre for Career Development I did not choose to be bold…Any one who knows me in real...

B Yusuf B Yusuf
Friday 13th February 2009 #beboldforchange by Natalie Wilcox

Friday 13th February 2009 #beboldforchange

Friday 13th February 2009.There. The exact moment when I took bold action to really develop my career....

Natalie Wilcox Natalie Wilcox
Whose narrative defines you? by Allana Gay

Whose narrative defines you?

Two years ago a newly appointed Headteacher told me I wouldn’t fit his SLT but should be his Head of...

Allana Gay Allana Gay
My #beboldforchange journey by Leanne Avis

My #beboldforchange journey

Around this time last year I was going about my normal day to day business; like most people, I was quite...

Leanne Avis Leanne Avis
Piste-Tales by Suzie Happy


Over the half term, I decided to be #10%braver and boldly volunteered to be part of the week long school...

Suzie Happy Suzie Happy
WARNING: The struggles facing women all over the world is not a sweet story. #iwd17 #digimeet #womenED by Clare Erasmus

WARNING: The struggles facing women all over the world is not a sweet story. #iwd17 #digimeet #womenED

A memorable moment when I took BOLD ACTION, for my sisters all over the world, was when I took a stand...

Clare Erasmus Clare Erasmus
Be Bold For Change #iwd17 by Sam Williams

Be Bold For Change #iwd17

How might you be able to see the wood from the trees? Answer: CoachingFirstly, my thanks goes to WomenEd...

Sam Williams Sam Williams
Being Bold is a Process by Katie Smith

Being Bold is a Process

Self – efficacy is the key to becoming bolder!We need to believe in ourselves and RISE UP. To do this...

Katie Smith Katie Smith
Choose Life by Hannah Gregory

Choose Life

Choose the local comp and working hard, choose playing the violin badly to miss Science lessons, choose...

Hannah Gregory Hannah Gregory
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