'I was here' - A journey by Hayley Wright

'I was here' - A journey

I'm writing this post in an attempt to put a life changing experience into words. I'm back from a beautiful...

Hayley Wright Hayley Wright
Am I a leader? by Krishna Jethva

Am I a leader?

I was very fortunate to be a part of a very powerful leadership course a few weeks ago. At the beginning...

Krishna Jethva Krishna Jethva
I was here by Mollie Boden

I was here

Last month I attended the ‘I was here’ women’s leadership course at my school, Humberstone Junior...

Mollie Boden Mollie Boden
I Was Here by Sarah Postlethwaite

I Was Here

Following a conversation with my deputy she suggested I attend the ‘I was here’ course, it’s no...

Sarah Postlethwaite Sarah Postlethwaite
No I'm not sorry. Yes I am emotional. by Liz Moyo

No I'm not sorry. Yes I am emotional.

Having attended the first of the 3 day leadership course "I was here" I am compelled to write again....

Liz Moyo Liz Moyo
Lead By Example? by Liz Moyo

Lead By Example?

Eight o’clock comes as a blessed relief, another frantic evening draws to an end. I negotiated complaints...

Liz Moyo Liz Moyo
'I was here' by Hayley Wright

'I was here'

On Friday, I spent an amazing day on the 'I was here' leadership programme.  Within the first hour of...

Hayley Wright Hayley Wright
The 5 Relationships That All Women Need by Annemarie  Williams

The 5 Relationships That All Women Need

Something magical happens when a group of women come together to support each other. There is a natural...

Annemarie  Williams Annemarie Williams
I am here, I am me by Lucy Matthews

I am here, I am me

Leadership has left me feeling off balance, at times lost and not like me. I've wrestled with my thoughts...

Lucy Matthews Lucy Matthews
Leadership Journeys & Affirmations by Hannah Wilson

Leadership Journeys & Affirmations

Today I had the pleasure of spending the day with 10 women leaders for a 3 day programme designed & facilitated...

Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson
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