Can you be inclusive for all children? by Emma Whitwam

Can you be inclusive for all children?

It's got to Sunday and again I'm writing a blog instead of doing work on my dissertation. This seems...

Emma Whitwam Emma Whitwam
Learning together by Lena Carter

Learning together

This week I have been thinking a lot about transitions and inclusion again. New pupils have joined our...

Lena Carter Lena Carter
Walk a Mile in their shoes by Beth B

Walk a Mile in their shoes

I am closing my blog so putting a couple of posts I like on here for posterity.(not cheating on #29daysofwriting as...

Beth B Beth B
Inclusion: It’s in the DNA of every school, right? by Joe Baldwin

Inclusion: It’s in the DNA of every school, right?

The 1st September 2014 welcomed in the dawn of the biggest reforms in more that 30 years for Special...

Joe Baldwin Joe Baldwin
CPD by James Kyberd


Delivered whole Academy CPD on moving away from exclusions and how to include all students. The key points...

James Kyberd James Kyberd
Inclusion, individuality and idiosyncrasy by Lena Carter

Inclusion, individuality and idiosyncrasy

Inclusion is a concept that I think about endlessly and have written about in various posts such as this...

Lena Carter Lena Carter
Inclusion vs integration by Kamil Trzebiatowski

Inclusion vs integration

Earlier this week, when I came back to school, one of the first things I heard was the phrase, "She hasn't...

Last Chance Academy by David Davies

Last Chance Academy

Baverstock's brush with fame

David Davies David Davies
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