If you don't see it- be it! by Crystal Atkinson

If you don't see it- be it!

At the #ulead17 @womenedcanada conference, we were challenged to #beboldforchange. After leaving the...

Crystal Atkinson Crystal Atkinson
The struggle to live consistently to our values across domains. by CHARMAINE ROCHE

The struggle to live consistently to our values across domains.

Developing habits of mind that help us to lead with integrity across the personal and professional domains...

Taking a risk...Part 1 by EYFS Teacher

Taking a risk...Part 1

I am leader of a larger than average EYFS team at what I believe to be, one of England’s largest primary...

EYFS Teacher EYFS Teacher
WomenEd is a thing with Feathers! by CHARMAINE ROCHE

WomenEd is a thing with Feathers!

This is the second of the 7 Habits of Hope Based (Self) Leadership symbolised by the Bird in Emily Dickenson’s...

Passing on the Baton by Sarah Postlethwaite

Passing on the Baton

Recently my daughter has found a love of running, she’s 8 with the attitude of an 18 year old but seriously...

Sarah Postlethwaite Sarah Postlethwaite
The Forgotten Girl by Suzie Happy

The Forgotten Girl

This year, the IWD theme ‘Be Bold for Change’ got me thinking about how I could be 10%braver on behalf...

Suzie Happy Suzie Happy
#IWD17 by Amy Harvey


Just home from a brief but inspiring evening with a group of women and men at Linton Village College...

Amy Harvey Amy Harvey
Chanelling Mummy Tiger by Amy Anderson

Chanelling Mummy Tiger

I've never considered myself brave! I've always thought I'm just me but today I can see how brave I have...

Amy Anderson Amy Anderson
Stick or Twist by Kathryn Morgan

Stick or Twist

I’ve spent several weeks thinking carefully about what #boldness means to me; whether I would class...

Kathryn Morgan Kathryn Morgan
‘Be bold for change’ –I did and I’m not looking back! by Sandeep Phagura

‘Be bold for change’ –I did and I’m not looking back!

#IWD17 #digimeet #beboldforchangeIt was a wet and dark November evening. I was in the middle of jury...

Sandeep Phagura Sandeep Phagura
Do something you've never done by Bolupe Maborukoje

Do something you've never done

#iwd17‍ #digimeet‍ #beboldforchange‍ Do something you've never done before might sound intimidiating...

Bolupe Maborukoje Bolupe Maborukoje
#BeBoldforChange 2017 by Kerry Jordan-Daus

#BeBoldforChange 2017

As I was thinking what is that I have done that is "bold", I fell into the trap. The trap of not seeing...

Kerry Jordan-Daus Kerry Jordan-Daus
 by Marcy Webb

There have been many quotes over the years that have inspired me. However, one from last year seems fitting...

Marcy Webb Marcy Webb
But being brave scares me... by Jessica Rees

But being brave scares me...

In June 2016 I got engaged to the man of my dreams. He's funny, he's intelligent and he's a teacher too...

Jessica Rees Jessica Rees
#Be Bold For Change by Shirley Drummond

#Be Bold For Change

The WomenEd London unconference was, as I had expected, another inspiring day. I was accompanied by...

Shirley Drummond Shirley Drummond
I have decided by Anshi Singh

I have decided

I have decided to decide for myself.I have decided to bring a difference to my life. I have decided not...

Anshi Singh Anshi Singh
We're all in this together by Rob Mold

We're all in this together

I’ve always been ambitious. It’s a positive trait, it spurs me on to be the best I can be. It has...

Rob Mold Rob Mold
Leading from the front... by Megan Ellis

Leading from the front...

Happiness... Something that means everything but I found was the thing that  I was quickest to forget. As...

Megan Ellis Megan Ellis
Stepping into Leadership by Rachael Smith

Stepping into Leadership

When I think of a good leader, I picture someone with wisdom and experience, someone that has the confidence...

Rachael Smith Rachael Smith
Beginning of a new teacher by Anshi Singh

Beginning of a new teacher

I started as a volunteer at Reading College in September 2016. In November I was offered an hourly paid...

Anshi Singh Anshi Singh
The power of a 'leg-up' by Ronnie Richardson

The power of a 'leg-up'

I saw a gif yesterday which had been shared by @HuddleNorthEast, a branch of the Women’s March movement,...

Ronnie Richardson Ronnie Richardson
‘Isn’t it funny howday by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different?’ by Emma Gerrard

‘Isn’t it funny howday by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different?’

I have been told, by leaders with many more years’ experience than myself, that people aren’t necessarily...

Emma Gerrard Emma Gerrard
A year of change by Natalie Wilcox

A year of change

Reading some of the other blogs in the #beboldforchange‍ series has certainly inspired me to think...

Natalie Wilcox Natalie Wilcox
#BeBoldForChange by Kiran S


I’ve just ordered one of my ‘key texts’ for 2017, When We Are Bold. A collection of 28 short profiles...

Kiran S Kiran S
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