Reasons to love being a teacher? by Tess Tweeddale

Reasons to love being a teacher?

Do you feel in a slump after the first week back? In need of reminding why you're still doing this job...

Tess Tweeddale Tess Tweeddale
Back to School by Staffrm Team

Back to School

And so the summer holiday begins to draw to a close and our minds turn to the new school year ahead....

Staffrm Team Staffrm Team
Leading With's about the journey. by Sarah Hardy

Leading With's about the journey.

I have been collecting inspirers over the last year; people, books and quotes that inspire me to make...

Sarah Hardy Sarah Hardy
First Week Back by Kevin Carson

First Week Back

It's not always this way of course, but it was a really good first week back at our place. Our new Principal...

Kevin Carson Kevin Carson
Back to the daily grind by Sarah Bedwell

Back to the daily grind

I probably should have written this post last night, but I was so focused on getting to bed on time that...

Sarah Bedwell Sarah Bedwell
Back to school by James Kyberd

Back to school

So for this year I'll attempt to......Update my blog weekly....Read more....Share more....Reflect more...Lots...

James Kyberd James Kyberd
Day 1 by Nick Overton

Day 1

So Spring term has started.4 weeks and 4 days for me until the next holiday! Today has been a strange...

Nick Overton Nick Overton
Back To School by Joe White

Back To School

Well Monday comes around, as it likes to do every week. This Monday being the Monday after a holiday...

Joe White Joe White
End of the holidays by Fiona Richards

End of the holidays

So it is the end of the holidays.  As I've said before I haven't got everything done I need to so my...

Fiona Richards Fiona Richards
Procrastination... Who's with me? by Mike Watson

Procrastination... Who's with me?

Header Credit: Here OK, Day 21...It is Sunday night and by virtue of my Black Belt in procrastination,...

Mike Watson Mike Watson
Go placidly amid the noise and haste by Sarah Ashton

Go placidly amid the noise and haste

I'm being a bit lazy, but it's half nine on Sunday, and I really have nothing interesting to write about...

Sarah Ashton Sarah Ashton
Spring 2 by Barbara Terziyski

Spring 2

Lots to do this half-term and not much time!*Teach more year 13 to cover maternity leave. And in process...

Barbara Terziyski Barbara Terziyski
Here we go again.. by Amy Sayer

Here we go again..

Now that the evenings are lighter and the cold weather which makes you want to hide under a duvet has...

Amy Sayer Amy Sayer
What's in the notebook for tomorrow? by David Atkinson

What's in the notebook for tomorrow?

I've thoroughly enjoyed this week and a daily dose of writing has added to the holiday in a very pleasant...

David Atkinson David Atkinson
Half Term Highlights...with more to come! by Jenna Lucas

Half Term Highlights...with more to come!

It's Sunday evening. Dinner is currently in the oven, school uniforms are ironed, homework is done, school...

Jenna Lucas Jenna Lucas
Final day by Jennifer Hart

Final day

Normally on the last day of a holiday I avoid work. I like to hold the day sacred and keep it for myself.This...

Jennifer Hart Jennifer Hart
Back to school... with a difference... by Hannah Wilson

Back to school... with a difference...

So since last month I have been on a short-term secondment to the Teaching School. I am now based at...

Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson
Banishing the word 'should' by Helena Marsh

Banishing the word 'should'

One of the things that has really stuck with me from the WomenEd Cambridge hub events was Karen Edge's...

Helena Marsh Helena Marsh
Getting ready for tomorrow by Chris Bateman

Getting ready for tomorrow

So tomorrow most of us go back to school. I thought I'd share with you my plans and routine for the day...

Chris Bateman Chris Bateman
Bag packed? ✔️ by Natalie Wilcox

Bag packed? ✔️

The final task before going to bed on the last night of the holidays is to pack the school bag and plan...

Natalie Wilcox Natalie Wilcox
Stop Start Continue by Nikki Carlin

Stop Start Continue

A review of how I've started the year... And what I mean to change.

Nikki Carlin Nikki Carlin
Back to school by Hannah Johnston

Back to school

What I am looking forward to

Hannah Johnston Hannah Johnston
'Twas the night before school... by Alice Anderson-Bonner

'Twas the night before school...

...well, the night before the kids come back anyway!

I can't see my desk by Laura Braun

I can't see my desk

mess mess mess

Laura Braun Laura Braun
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