Moral Character or Punishment? by Elizabeth Wright

Moral Character or Punishment?

I have been having a week where everything points towards the concept of reward and punishment when it...

Elizabeth Wright Elizabeth Wright
The teacher's time out card by Chris Reck

The teacher's time out card

Ever felt like saying to the class: “Sorry folks…need a little space for myself now… just to take...

Chris Reck Chris Reck
Let's Get Curious in the Classroom. by Elizabeth Wright

Let's Get Curious in the Classroom.

Curiosity is such an important trait to develop, not only in ourselves, but also the children that we...

Elizabeth Wright Elizabeth Wright
Raising Aspirations, Broadening Horizons by Kerry Jordan-Daus

Raising Aspirations, Broadening Horizons

What do you get from a partnership of three state schools, three independent schools and a University...

Kerry Jordan-Daus Kerry Jordan-Daus
Say Yes by Liam M

Say Yes

This morning, while stuck in traffic, I was listening to BBC Radio 2 and Lauren Child was being interviewed.She...

Liam M Liam M
Mythbusting #Digimeet - Girls/ Women are Bossy! by Hannah Wilson

Mythbusting #Digimeet - Girls/ Women are Bossy!

Thank you to @kiran‍ one of our #WomenEd WM Regional Leaders for organising today's #womened #digimeet Girls...

Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson
My Love is Your Love by Annemarie  Williams

My Love is Your Love

My Love is your LoveI’m a big fan of Whitney Houston. “My Love is Your Love” is one my all time...

Annemarie  Williams Annemarie Williams
Jepeca Mental Health Scale... by Julianne Hadden

Jepeca Mental Health Scale...

Mental health.Feel free to use this visual as a starting point or indicator of where and how to seek...

Julianne Hadden Julianne Hadden
Women's empowerment comes at the expense of men by Maria O'Neill by Kiran S

Women's empowerment comes at the expense of men by Maria O'Neill

Empowerment is a strong, powerful word, however there still exist unhealthy misconceptions that need...

Kiran S Kiran S
Dipping my toe in by Gemma Whitelock

Dipping my toe in

It is no secret that it is a slightly daunting thing to meet a new group.. Even the most experienced...

Gemma Whitelock Gemma Whitelock
Women are baby makers ... by Hannah Gregory

Women are baby makers ...

My #digimeet #womened myth to bust is 'women are baby makers'. I write this 6 months pregnant and so...

Hannah Gregory Hannah Gregory
Myth busting 1 #Womened : I don't like men! by Amy Anderson

Myth busting 1 #Womened : I don't like men!

One of the funniest things I've heard since I started working with the wonderful #Womened community was...

Amy Anderson Amy Anderson
Curvey-wurvey, Timey-wimey by Fee Stagg

Curvey-wurvey, Timey-wimey

This blog is really for governors but you may enjoy it as it is about CPD/PDP in a round-about-kind of...

Fee Stagg Fee Stagg
A New Meaning of Bravery by Elizabeth Wright

A New Meaning of Bravery

Last week I worked with a school in Bolton. Their theme of the year - “Be the Best that You Can Be”,...

Elizabeth Wright Elizabeth Wright
My Term Time Holidays by Liam M

My Term Time Holidays

I'm a teacher and I've started taking term time holidays! Like most teachers, I find myself in a cycle...

Liam M Liam M
Women lack ambition.. by Naznin Choudhury

Women lack ambition..

Helen Lawrenson a renowned writer said, “If a woman is sufficiently ambitious, determined and gifted,...

Naznin Choudhury Naznin Choudhury
Mythbusting #Digimeet Women Wear Masks by Kathryn Morgan

Mythbusting #Digimeet Women Wear Masks

I've been thinking about this blog post for sometime and to be completely honest, I started to feel quite...

Kathryn Morgan Kathryn Morgan
Taking Work Home? by Liam M

Taking Work Home?

Ideally, I'd not take work home. However, that's not really a possibility! A few years ago, while living...

Liam M Liam M
Trumpet blowing for beginners by Fee Stagg

Trumpet blowing for beginners

This is probably going to be the most personal blog I have written; my normal blog style is usually 'tongue...

Fee Stagg Fee Stagg
Expectations, expectations, expectations by Christine Couser

Expectations, expectations, expectations

This week the phrase 'we cursed through sludge' came to mind. I am in no way comparing myself to the...

Christine Couser Christine Couser
Writing from the deep by Kate Sawyer

Writing from the deep

One of the summer holiday jobs is always to go through the huge pile of school work brought home when...

Kate Sawyer Kate Sawyer
Women are baby makers by Emma Sheppard by Kiran S

Women are baby makers by Emma Sheppard

So this is an ironic title: in the last two years I, indeed, have been a foetus factory. Even as I sit...

Kiran S Kiran S
It's ok to take a break part 2 by Sarah Philp

It's ok to take a break part 2

It's probably about 6 weeks since I post 'it's ok to take a break'... on Thursday I had 2 conversations...

Sarah Philp Sarah Philp
I had a good time by Lorraine Green

I had a good time

Getting up early on a Saturday in any case is difficult but the second week back in term can be a challenge....

Lorraine Green Lorraine Green