Leap of faith...

Challenged to write a blog but who would be interested in me? I'm not a teacher nor am I a leader, just someone who used to be a Police Emergency Call Handler and then became a teaching assistant at an outstanding primary school who took a #leapoffaith‍ 

I worked for the force for several years, tutored many new contact handlers during my time there, to say I loved it was an understatement, I was extremely passionate about it. but due to government cuts and freezing recruitment drives it was soon short lived. My role was simplified and became tedious. After a while I became very unhappy, something needed to #change. I had many conversations with family and friends until one day my mum suggested I looked to work in a school, a school really? Well it was food for thought. A number of months passed and I saw a position advertised at Humberstone Junior Academy for a HLTA. Then something told me to look further into this, so I arranged an appointment to tour the school and learn more about the role. 

The day arrived for me to visit and have a chat. I arrived half an hour early and was greeted by the business manager. Unfortunately I didn't have the right experience but we chatted about my current job, she asked if i'd considered volunteering, so I jumped at the chance knowing it would give me a true indication if this was for me. I remember walking away feeling fantastic and eager to share the news.

As soon as I received clearance from the DBS I arranged to volunteer around my already full time shift pattern. I was placed within Year 4 and loved every minute of it.

A position came up for Level 2 1:1 Teaching Assistant. I wanted to follow my heart and apply immediately but it wasn't that easy as so much needed to be considered financially. I would need to take a good hit to my pay, could I be this #brave? I had a good conversation with my boyfriend (with a large cup of tea!) after all we owned a house and bills still needed to be paid! I looked into giving my car up and making cuts elsewhere, it was doable! The support I received from my partner, family and friends was overwhelming.

I was interviewed and shortly after offered the position, In fact I can remember sitting in the car whilst my friend was silently jumping for joy at me being given the good news telling her to be quiet! Scared to #beboldforchange and leaving everything behind I dared to be #brave 

Now I look back and see by being #brave to #change I am a happier version of me, loving my job and often called mad by my friends for looking forward to going back to work! 

By choosing #change I'd given up many things but gained the passion I had once lost - with absolutely no regrets!


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Toni Briggs

Toni Briggs

I absolutely love my role as a TA :-)

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Megan Ellis Megan Ellis @megellis 7 months ago
You are such as asset to the team and the school. Your enthusiasm, dedication and love of learning shines through. We feel very lucky that you made the brave leap! Xx
Annemarie  Williams Annemarie Williams @awilliams 7 months ago
Toni we are all glad that you made theeap of faith. Your leadership and communication skills shone through from the moment you started working with us. You've modelled such bravery in many aspects of your career, including writing this blog! I know that your career is only just beginning and ei go from strength to strength
Ronnie Richardson Ronnie Richardson @mrsrichardson 7 months ago
So glad to have been a small part of your teaching journey so far Toni. You are so enthusiastic and dedicated. Your compassion and desire to want to make a difference to every child and make the most of every minute with them is so precious. You're not the only one who has benefitted from taking a leap of faith.
Rob Mold Rob Mold @robmold 7 months ago
This is a great blog about the importance of making the right choice for you, even when it may seem incredibly scary! We're so glad you chose to work with us, you bring so much to every team that you work with
Rachael Smith Rachael Smith @misssmithhja 7 months ago
Beautifully honest and personal blog. We are so grateful to have you in our team Toni, and the children that you work with are very lucky! Thank you for taking the leap of faith, I don't know what we'd do without you! Xx
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