And, it's Goodnight from Me


I began Tweeting, I then started to blog over at PrimaryIdeas. @mrlockyer‍ then invited me to join @staffrm‍. It gave me somewhere to blog as me rather than just classroom ideas. I've enjoyed it, found it useful and sometimes cathartic. I got a mug for the #44weeksChallenge. I'll miss it now it's going. It's been a great community.

I have placed all my @staffrm‍ posts on G Drive so they'll still exist after this site has gone. And, I'll continue blogging here: So, this post forms my last one on @staffrm‍ and first on my new Blogger site...

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Liam M

Liam M

Junior School Assistant Head. KS2 Teacher. ADE & SLE.

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