The On Demand Generation


When I was a primary school pupil, there were 4 TV channels. They were not even 24 hours! There was VHS. No internet and every now and again a computer was to be seen.

Quite different to today. It's my own daughter who has got me thinking. She's 32 months old. When we wants Peppa Pig or Ben & Holly on, she can have it (if we choose), as it's on the TiVo Box. She points at a tablet computer and asks for certain music. She thinks every screen is touch screen. She does not know the days of Saturday morning children's TV, or waiting for a VHS to finish recording before it could be rewound and then played.

Of course, we don't always give her what she wants, but still, she knows it's an option. Just about everything she wants or needs is there, on demand.

I see this in school: children who can't wait, who struggle when they fail, think it's not fair if they're not first and so on...

We need to ensure that at home, in school and eventually work, we remember that just because something can be on demand it does not mean it has to be.

Written on a laptop, using WiFi, while watching Coronation Street on catch-up on a TiVo Box. #2017

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Liam M

Liam M

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