Shoes Off If You Love To Learn*


On Monday 3rd October, I was lucky enough to visit Great Denham Primary School. A school I've see grow from being built to what it has developed into. Despite it being very close to my house, this was the first time I'd been inside and if anyone reading this is located close enough to visit them, I'd strongly recommend ringing up to see if they can show you around.

Anyway, the first thing I noticed was that the children had no shoes on in school. When I'm sat in my office, I take my shoes off, when the children go home at the end of the day, I walk around without my shoes off and when I'm in a meeting, I sneak my shoes off. So, this really struck inside my head. When I asked why no shoes, the answer was for the same reasons I take mine off: comfort, homely, better focus and learning.

So, when I was teaching this week, I invited my class to take their shoes off while learning. The result: About 3/4 of the class did. About 1/2 did it all day. Children sat more comfortably in their chairs. Children moved around the room more calmly. More and better work done? Don't know, we'll see how the future goes. However, as a first go, I was very please. And yes, I did join in!

If you give it a go, I'd be interested to hear how it goes, and of course, feel free to use the picture of my feet if you wish.

*Story behind the title: When Newcastle United play away from home, their fans stand up. This means the song "Stand Up If You Love The Toon" is irrelevant, hence the invention of "Shoes Off If You Love The Toon" and fans holding shoes above their heads!

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