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Blog theme 1: My Journey #bameed #digimeet 

Who are you?

Learner.  A Teacher.  Academically, I have always been a brilliant student. Yet to explore how am I as a teacher. 

I love meeting people, talking to them and listening to their experiences. 

Optimistic. Extremely Organized. Hard Working. Curious. Empathetic. Multilingual (I can speak/read/understand/write eight languages) - Diverse

Where are you now?

Starting a new chapter of my life. Did my Masters in ICT and will be doing PGCE next year(hopefully).

Where did you come from?

India. Got married and moved to England eleven years ago. 

How did you overcome any obstacles/barriers?

By maintaining learner attitude. By being open minded. I see opportunity in everything. 

First month of my teaching was TOUGH. I may have given up teaching if I had not met Amjad @astsupportaali‍ . I attended #TMOxford and things changed for me.

I was introduced to #BAMEed  by Amjad@ASTsupportAAli . I got a place on the DFE's diverse leaders course and luckily got @jazampawfarr‍ as my coach and Hannah @misswilsey‍ as a trusted advisor.  All three of them have given me a kickstart in my career. 

#Diverseed  #Bameed #Womened has been a great part of my journey so far. These have given me the confidence to be who I am. I feel very comfortable sharing my doubts, my fears, my challenges and my successes with my #bameed and #womened network

What advice/messages do you have for others in the same position?

Come out of your comfort zone one step at a time. Challenge yourself. Be brave. Think Different. Its OKAY to be yourself. #be10%braver #beboldforchange - I have taken these two hashtags far too seriously  :)

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Anshi Singh

Anshi Singh

Learning the ways of the world, one step at a time

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Parm  Plummer Parm Plummer @parmplum 6 months ago
"it's okay to be yourself". Great work, Anshi. I'll try to remember that, next time I'm knocked down.
Pran  Patel Pran Patel @mrpatel 6 months ago
Have a strong supportive pln makes such a difference :)
Anshi Singh Anshi Singh @teachanshi 6 months ago
@parmplum also remember to message me, we are there for each other
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 6 months ago
Anshi - it has been great getting to know you this year. You model being #10%braver, pushing out of your comfort zone and finding/ using your voice. Can't wait to come down and support you at #TMreading. xx
Jaz Ampaw-Farr Jaz Ampaw-Farr @jazampawfarr 6 months ago
You know you freakin' rock, right?
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