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It seems  as though being an educator on Twitter is like standing on the edge of the world. Like a balcony that allows me to see what is happening in my own 'backyard' right over to the other side of the world. Twitter has allowed me to view my own professional teaching and learning, research and practice alongside the best from around the globe. I have chatted, curated and created in the Twitter space. I have made 'friends' and had my own thinking challenged time and again. My little discovery of #WomenEd over 12 months ago has been among the sweetest of delights. The journey that is being told about women educators embracing leadership opportunities and being brave to say yes to headship, promotion and to build leadership capacity is nothing short of inspiring. We all have a story to tell. Some of us don't have high profile roles and shy away from the limelight. But we are all making a difference. From my spot on the balcony, Twitter is keeping me connected and I feel as though my story is becoming yours, as it becomes ours. #WomenEdAus

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Susan Bradbeer

Susan Bradbeer

PhD Candidate. English & Lit Teacher Professional Learning. Women and leadership.Coaching.

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Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 7 months ago
Lovely Susan & very glad you came down from the balcony & down into the cosy snug that is StaffRm. Looking forward to connecting about @WomenEdAus soon x
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