Glass Ceilings? 10% Braver already


You are a great manager! Words that I never thought would fill me with horror. They did though because they were followed by...'but you are not strategic enough to handle big things'. It dawned to me that despite having been in charge of numerous projects with proven impact, I would never be regarded as a leader in some places. Unconscious bias? Deliberate bias? I may never know. What I know is: I am glad I joined @womened‍  this year. An organisation full of women leaders who are friendly, supportive & who challenge me to be 10% braver! An organisation with 8Cs that resonate with me.

Even more glad that I was at the Unconference II last Saturday where I had the opportunity to network with like-minded people. Glass ceilings exist but they can be smashed. Thank you @rraimato‍ for the "Your Way" session - I have been reflecting on the key question you asked, "how do I respond during pivotal moments?" 

I am empowered knowing that I am a leader and will not lose that confidence because I have a network to lean on and grow in. 

For me, 10% braver means:

-volunteering to present in meetings such as LeadMeets

-signing up as a coach

-blogging a lot more regularly here

Inspired. Encouraged. Can't wait to see what the braver future has in store

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Suzie Happy

Suzie Happy

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Allana Gay Allana Gay @allanag13 1 year ago
Personifies the network absolutely correctly. You be braver and we support each other. Glad you enjoyed the Unconference (and even stayed later)
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 1 year ago
Susie - fab post - hope to see you & hear you speak at future London #womened events
B Yusuf B Yusuf @byusuf 1 year ago
Great post and I look forward to reading more of your blogs as your leadership journey continues to unfold. Onwards and upwards.
Rosanna Raimato Rosanna Raimato @rraimato 10 months ago
Sorry I missed this when you wrote it. Thank you so much for coming to the session, I am deeply humbled that you took that away with you - it has been my biggest learning point in my career. Glad I could pass it on!
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