Passion vs Impact


I have always enjoyed being a teacher. I have always felt that I was 'doing a good job'. This comfortable feeling was bolstered by a safe position: I am passionate about my work. Passion is all that matters..... or so I had thought.

In my session for this year's #pedagoohampshire‍ I shall be reflecting upon my own realisations, what I have #learnt over the past few years.  

It can be hard facing questions like, but what impact has there been?  It can be hard to realise that passion might not be enough.  

Within this session, we shall ask questions to enable some good, old fashioned reflective work - work that is essential for own self development and our students'.  We are aiming to find the balance between passion and impact.  

Hope to see you there.



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Dawn Jones

Dawn Jones

Associate SLT, HOY 8, English teacher. 20 years at the chalkface

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