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Around this time last year Tom Barrett kickstarted #28daysofwriting with the opening gambit:

I don’t know about you but I seem to have an endless list of ideas for things I am going to write about, a smattering of drafts ready to go, and not quite the writing habit to get them published. You may also suffer from blog guilt!

The idea was to write for 28 minutes, for each of the 28 days in February. And the measure of success was hitting publish every day, rather than seeking to perfect and polish every post.

Needless to say, it was a huge hit. Not only did it generate a mass of ideas and buzz of excitement, but it also spawned a community of writers. Teachers who went on to share great things in the coming year.

And so it's happening again.

This year, the legendary Mark Anderson has thrown down the gauntlet. He's even crafted the Bloguary theme tune.

The rules are simple. Write for 29 minutes, each of the 29 days in February. Tag your story with #29daysofwriting. And then just hit publish.

For those of you who manage it, there'll be a special mug waiting for you at the end :)

Interested in giving it a shot? Say 'hi' in the comments below, or in Mark's original story.

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Sarah Cook Sarah Cook @madyline 1 year ago
Hi! I'm in. I deserve this time. Whether you deserve to have to read it all, depends on how bad you were in a previous life.....
Nic ford Nic ford @nic 1 year ago
Sounds like a good plan... I will try
Colin Grimes Colin Grimes @colingrimes 1 year ago
I'm already committed...
Trish Hicken Trish Hicken @trish 1 year ago
Hi. I'll give it a go
Mark Bidwell Mark Bidwell @comeoninyourtimeisup 1 year ago
I'll give it a bash. If only for the mug.... How fickle I am!!!
Jennifer Hart Jennifer Hart @jenniferhart 1 year ago
In again.... Really want that mug!
Gary Henderson Gary Henderson @garyhendy 1 year ago
Sounds like a great idea. Will give it a go!
Nikki Carlin Nikki Carlin @noopuddles 1 year ago
I'll give it a whirl just for the promise of a mug!
Liz Allton Liz Allton @lizsaddler 1 year ago
My mug broke from last year so might have to try and get another one....
Andy Knill Andy Knill @andyknill 1 year ago
Hi will be trying, may not get the mug as not committing to pressure
Martyn Nesbitt Martyn Nesbitt @mnesbitt 1 year ago
Hmmm busy month but might give it a go!
Helen Rogerson Helen Rogerson @helenrogerson80 1 year ago
I watched everyone do this last year and it looked good. I am up for it. Got to think of a few ideas, but I am sure my imagination can come up with something and I am going to a few things in February I can reflect on. I will set daily alarm to encourage me!
B Yusuf B Yusuf @byusuf 1 year ago
So this is where the idea came from? Had no idea as I had referenced Mark Anderson in this:
Great minds think alike, eh? Will join in either way.
Claire Bracher Claire Bracher @missb 1 year ago
My first ever post was on the first day of #28daysofwriting - special times- bring it on- just what I need to get me writing again!! :)
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 1 year ago
Looking forward to #29daysofwriting - missed #28daysofwriting last year as I was not registered - there was life before StaffRm I hear you cry? I too have an ongoing list of subjects I want to revisit for a blog so a good excuse to put pen to paper/ fingers to keyboard.
Pickle Holic Pickle Holic @traceface 1 year ago
Don't know what I will write about but I will have a go ;)
Lesley Munro Lesley Munro @lesleymunro 1 year ago
Did this last year. Helped me to get into writing. Will give it another go :-)
Kevin Carson Kevin Carson @kevincarson 1 year ago
Yep, I'm going to give this a go too. No firm idea of how time will be found at all, but I very much like the idea of it. And the mugs are undoubtedly objects of desire so I am pulled in in that respect too.
David Atkinson David Atkinson @davidatkinson 1 year ago
I've decided to give it a go too. It's wanting to polish things before publishing that's stopped me writing more in the past so I'm going to concentrate on removing that pressure on myself.
Catherine Owen Catherine Owen @catherine 1 year ago
Sounds exciting - will give it a go.
Chris Bateman Chris Bateman @ckbateman 1 year ago
I'm in... I think! The hard part will be keeping momentum even on those busy days!
Michael Hodgkiss Michael Hodgkiss @teachtalks 1 year ago
So, this is definitely worth trying....
Adele Bowden Adele Bowden @abowden 1 year ago
Love this idea! Would love to get involved...
Kyra Tweddle Kyra Tweddle @w11wun 1 year ago
I'm in. Should be fun!
Su Chapman Su Chapman @chappers44 1 year ago
I'm willing to try...writing anything ? Stories /bloggings/thinkings?
Ben Ward Ben Ward @mrbenward 1 year ago
Lets do this!!
Alison Weston Alison Weston @craftyteacher 1 year ago
Will give it a go!
[Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] 1 year ago
Totally up for this! Could be some interesting pieces!!!!!!!
Anneke Smit Anneke Smit @asmit 1 year ago
Will give it a go!
Rachael Harris Rachael Harris @fabenglish 1 year ago
Sounds like jus the kick up the keyboard I need!
Kate McCabe Kate McCabe @evenbetterif 1 year ago
I will try! Sounds great!!
Kimberley  Hesketh Kimberley Hesketh @kimhesketh 1 year ago
That is a lot of writing for a maths teacher but I'll give it a go! I'm in!
John Insley John Insley @jinsley 1 year ago
Missed it last year, so will give this year a try! The mug is great incentive!
Annie Black Annie Black @annieblack01 1 year ago
I'll give it a go.
Jill Turner Jill Turner @sheep2763 1 year ago
Been lazy about blogging recently, good reason to start again!
Fiona Richards Fiona Richards @fionarichards 1 year ago
Scary idea... But might just get me started
Angie Baker Angie Baker @angiebaker 1 year ago
I've been thinking about blogging for a while. This is a great way to get started.
Julia Skinner Julia Skinner @theheadsoffice 1 year ago
I'll give it a go. I did 30 days in the summer which was hard but very satisfying. I like the idea of restricting the time you can write for. That might help get me in the habit!
Vicki Vincent Vicki Vincent @missvickiv 1 year ago
Happy to give it a whirl! :)
Wayne  Gibbons Wayne Gibbons @wgibbons 1 year ago
Sounds interesting. Is there a theme or can the posts be about anything at all?
Sarah Ashton Sarah Ashton @mrsashton 1 year ago
I'll give it a shot...
Hannah Marsh Hannah Marsh @missmarsh 1 year ago
Yesss! I'm game. It will be interesting to track my thoughts over a month...
Sally Hancock Sally Hancock @sallyh 1 year ago
Just what I needed to spur me on n get me going.
Mark Wilkes Mark Wilkes @markw 1 year ago
This will be an interesting challenge. I shall give it a go!
Caroline Mortlock Caroline Mortlock @sisyphus 1 year ago
Hope you've got plenty of mugs. Yes, going for it!
Richard Blaize Richard Blaize @richardblaize 1 year ago
Going to have a pop at this this year.
[Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] 1 year ago
I'll give it a go too
John Coleman John Coleman @costadelsolent 1 year ago
Going to use this as a writing exercise to get the words flowing and get some more of the book written - I'm in
Flora Barton Flora Barton @florabarton 1 year ago
I need to do this! Haven't blogged all month...
Katrina Price Katrina Price @macfloss 1 year ago
Going to give it a go but quite worried that I've already had the "where am I going to find 29 minutes per day from?" thought.
Adi  Rajan Adi Rajan @adirajan 1 year ago
You asked for participation from international Ts. I'll give it a go!
Rosa Alexis Rosa Alexis @msalexis 1 year ago
I'll take the challenge! if only ideas came pouring down like rain :) should be fun!
Mary Wild Mary Wild @marywild 1 year ago
I was just about to set up a blog - this will be a good incentive to keep going! Count me in.
Andy Jervis Andy Jervis @agjervis 1 year ago
This sounds like it was made for me: loads of good intentions for stories but terrible at getting them published. A win and a mug would be cool but if not, at least I'll get a few more stories out!
[Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] 1 year ago
I'm in!
Kathleen McGillycuddy Kathleen McGillycuddy @mcgillycuddy101 1 year ago
Okay - not sure I have anything interesting to say but I'm in!
Kimberley Constable Kimberley Constable @hecticteacher 1 year ago
I am going to try - my list of ideas is a little short but we shall see how it goes.
Peter Hall Peter Hall @mathsast 1 year ago
I bet this is harder than it sounds. Hmm. And it sounds hard!
Lena Carter Lena Carter @lenabellina 1 year ago
Going to try!
Robert Noble Robert Noble @nobleict 1 year ago
I'm going to try. I'm easily won over by the dangling carrot of winning a mug.
Rachel Hendra Rachel Hendra @rachelhendra 1 year ago
Just need to find the time...
Dora Taylor Dora Taylor @doraeira 1 year ago
Let's give this a go...
Rachel Barratt Rachel Barratt @rachelb 1 year ago
I'm definitely doing to try! *Must not turn into 29 ranting posts*
Alastair Hutt Alastair Hutt @misterhutt 1 year ago
Is there any guidance here? I would like to get involved but have never been on this site before so don't actually understand what to click, where and when....
Anita Devi Anita Devi @butterflycolour 1 year ago
If you insist ...
Sarah Bedwell Sarah Bedwell @flymygeekflag 1 year ago
Doing it this year!
Megan Dixon Megan Dixon @damsoned 1 year ago
Ok, will have a go...
Leah K Stewart Leah K Stewart @learntschool 1 year ago
Made some notes today for a series I'm excited to explore for this challenge: 29 LESSONS FROM 29 UNCONVENTIONAL TEACHERS. I'm interested in those lessons from my time as a student that weren't delivered by someone within an official role, but outside of that framework. I'll share 29 personal lessons with the aim of searching for which themes or scenarios connect these lessons, that made them so significant. Looking forward to this and exploring other #29daysofwriting posts!
Tom Bennison Tom Bennison @tbennison 1 year ago
Looking forward to doing this -will cross post on my site too!
Stephanie Welsford Stephanie Welsford @stephwelsford 1 year ago
I'm in. Excited to read an influx of new voices too.
Amy Sayer Amy Sayer @amysayer 1 year ago
Bring it on!
Kate Sowter Kate Sowter @katesowter 1 year ago
Hi... I am going to try
Charly Alston Charly Alston @charly 1 year ago
Totally new to staffrm and to blogging but feel it may help me get through the next month of my PGCE! Love the idea of reflective practice so why not start now with #29daysofwriting (Not going to lie, I am bit scared! Eeeeeeek)
Linda Doyle Linda Doyle @mrsdoyle 1 year ago
Gonna give it a go, only as perfection is not an essential attribute.....
Gaz Needle Gaz Needle @gazneedle 1 year ago
I'll give it a go. I've written my first post as it is technically the 1st.
Ashley Larter Ashley Larter @alarter 1 year ago
I'll try! I'm in....bring on the mug!!
Sue Cowley Sue Cowley @suecowley 1 year ago
I'm going for it!
Teri Owens Teri Owens @towens 1 year ago
I'm going to do my best!
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