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Number 3: Mathletics. 

I know lots of schools buy into online Maths programmes.

At my current school the children have their own logins for Mathletics, which they take through the school so it can record their progress. 

As a teacher, it is a genius homework creator. No searching for 3 differentiated worksheets every week. You simply choose the area of Maths they are working on, and set tasks for specific learning objectives. They've even created workbooks which you can print for your topic, if there's any children without access to the internet. Simple! What makes it even better, for each topic there are something easier and something harder options. 

There are also game options for them to practise key skills, and if they want to go back to a topic they can search for it themselves. Most activities are now available in tablet mode too! 

What my class particularly love are the certificates, they can earn Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates which you can print off for them. We have an awards ceremony in class once a half term to celebrate the children's hardwork. 

On the topic of Maths, here are my top 3 go to activities during Maths activities on the iPads:

1. Snappy Maths 

2. Hit the button 

3. Espresso Maths games 

What are your best apps/ websites to help with Maths teaching? 

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Sarah Slattery


Emma Burden Emma Burden @emmajb 10 months ago
Hi, have you tried ixl maths? They have it for other subjects too! It's not as flashy as Mathletics but I found it better in class as it gives them more questions and makes the work harder or easier based on what they get wrong or right. It does give them medals so there is some kind of indication of progress for the student. The feature I really like is the notepad so if they're using it on an iPad they can work out answers by 'writing'. You can also extend or support their work by giving them work from any year
Group level so if they're really successful with shape for example they can work further and extend their learning yet also do support work with fractions. They can access at home or at school and you can set up personal accounts (we gave these to our gifted and struggling students) and used school accounts for in class work.
Sarah Slattery Sarah Slattery @slatters91 10 months ago
@emmajb I've not used this much, I'll definitely be giving it a try next week.
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