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Inspired by Mark Healy @cijane02 I started Blog Friday at our school in November last year. Today marked the second half term of blogs, the 13th week of Blog Friday.  

Every Friday morning I send an email to all staff at our school, with a link to a blog post that I hope they will find interesting, inspiring or useful. I also wish them a happy Friday and a restful weekend.

Here is a list of the posts so far: 

Putting your family first - John Tomsett

Teacher Wellbeing - by Ross McGill

Silver Arrows - by Tom Sherrington

Fasten your seat belts - by Emma Kell

Developing Growth Mindset in the Classroom - by Pete Jones

Observing learning - Prof Rob Coe

Contemporary ideas in education - by Tom Sherrington 

A Plan for Wellbeing - by Stephen Tierney

#JeSuisCharlie/#JeNeSuisPasCharlie - by Rory Gallagher

Tactical Serendipity - by Angela Maiers

Edubooks - by Shaun Allison 

Coming together - by David Weston">Miracle on the Hudson - by Harry Fletcher-Wood.  

I have had some wonderful feedback from colleagues who appreciate the blogs, the messages I send with them, the fact that I take the time to wish find and share these posts.

Some weeks it is hard to find the time to choose a blog, to write the message, to find the words, but every week I have had positive feedback (often from colleagues with whom I have never spoken), and every week it is worth it. 

Blog Friday - a few minutes a week for me, but has had an impact on staff across the school. Thanks Mark for the idea and the inspiration :)

If you would like to be added to the mailing list just let me know below or via twitter @EddieKayshun 

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Rory Gallagher

Rory Gallagher

Teacher of French and Japanese. Deputy ITEC and CPD

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Jules Daulby Jules Daulby @jules 2 years ago
What a lovely idea :-)
Rory Gallagher Rory Gallagher @rorygallagher 2 years ago
Thanks Jules. I can put you on mailing list if you like!
Leah Sharp Leah Sharp @leahmoo 2 years ago
Really lovely idea!
Dave Stacey Dave Stacey @davestacey 2 years ago
Great idea. What (if any) reaction have you had from colleagues to the emails / blog posts?
Rory Gallagher Rory Gallagher @rorygallagher 2 years ago
No negative feedback at all, and some lovely emails, conversations and comments from staff. It has been a way for me to get to know some colleagues!
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