Mental Resilience Training for Teachers


Increasing mental resilience is like creating an inoculation against future stressors. We can not control life but we can control how we deal with it. Learning strategies to reframe situations can help us deal with difficulties more effectively and therefore experience less stress and turmoil. As teachers we need these skills to survive but helping our students develop these skills is also invaluable.

At the Positive Teacher Network, we focus on providing teachers with on-going training in mental resilience and wellbeing because training the brain is a little like training a muscle. A one-off hit at the gym doesn't have much impact and certainly doesn't last long. We need to train regularly if we are to increase and maintain any level of fitness or strength. The brain is the same. To develop and maintain mental fitness and resilience to potential future stressors we must train our brain regularly.

Here is a free 3 part video series to get you started. Click here to access them and find out more about the Positive Teacher Network:

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