Women lack ambition..


Helen Lawrenson a renowned writer said, “If a woman is sufficiently ambitious, determined and gifted, there is particularly nothing she can’t do”. And I can’t agree more with her. Women are actually capable of doing the greatest things if they want.

For spending the biggest part of my life in a developing country I do have a mixed opinion on this point that 'women lack ambition'. I think, not all but many women lack confidence. There are hundreds of reasons why women lack confidence. Here I will try to point out few facts. These are from my personal experience.

Early childhood is a critical stage of development that forms the foundation for children's future well-being and learning. At this stage, it is important to treat children as children, not to devise any play or activities based on their gender. When parents buy toys they buy racing cars, aeroplanes for boys and dolls for girls. But why do we not let them choose whatever they like? This may not seem a great idea to many but plays an important role to build their confidence.

Treating children as brave and capable children, not as boys and girls can help them grow as confident individual. So in that case parents and teachers have an important role to play in a child's learning or giving her the belief that she can do it too and she can be a mountain climber or she can be a sky diver too.

Environment is a big factor. A girl who is surrounded by the inspiring and positive minded people are more confident. Confidence is the vital element which needs to be instilled in a person to be bold and ambitious. I have come across the women who do not want to take up responsibilities for the fear of failure, or what would people say if they make mistake. So it is important to teach the girls that making mistake is okay and everyone does that.

Girls can’t be confident in the places where their education is neglected. Because education is must to have confidence.

There are lots of barriers in our lives as women. When we are young we dream big and we work for it. Some people get the support, some not. Still, we keep trying. Although some people reach their goal, many can’t. They then blame their luck.

Not believing in women’s ability is a big reason why women seem unaspiring. Recognition of their contribution plays a great role to boost their confidence.

Having children is the greatest blessings. However, it becomes difficult to accept the challenges at work for women when they are a mum. Sometimes they consider leaving their job or taking early retirement when they have a family to look after. Ambition is again being compromised.

So more flexibilities can help women to work towards their goal.

I have noticed that when women get old their ambition change. That time they only think about their children and their success and forget about their own dream.

So here, I would like to conclude by saying that women are ambitious but they have barriers. So, whatever the problems we have we need to face them together. We should not stop ourselves for any fear or insecurities. Women need to stand beside women to empower each other to help them follow their dreams. By doing this together we can change the whole world.

Thank you for reading this. I know my writing skill is not that great at all but your inspiration has made me 100% brave.

Thank you my wonderful #Womened community and Thank you Kiran for arranging this digimeet. 

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Hannah Tyreman Hannah Tyreman @hannahtyremancpd 2 months ago
I found this post really interesting and it made me think about what we mean by ambition. I was told recently that someone described me as 'ruthlessly ambitious.' I found it odd as I lack massively in confidence and have little idea about where I'll go next. What I saw as saying yes to an opportunity that excites me and might give me an opportunity to grow had been perceived in a different way by someone else. I think there exists some negative connotations around what it means to be ambitious.

This is yet another post that has made me consider the kinds of things we need to break down for girs everywhere from a young age. Thank you for sharing!
Kiran S Kiran S @kiran 2 months ago
You have made some excellent and really important points in this blog @naz08 Thank you :) brilliant writing
A Alexander A Alexander @andream656 2 months ago
Naznin a wonderful piece, I disagree you are a great writer and speaker, your wisdom brings clarity and refocuses my mind on those things that Carry most importance.
Julia Crane Julia Crane @julescrane 2 months ago
Great blog. Thank you! Accepting that there are barriers is really important, it helps us recognise that nobody is getting it all right all the time, and we all have a dusty window ledge somewhere (physical & metaphorical!) and means that we can talk about things openly.
Anna Ambrose Anna Ambrose @annaambrose 2 months ago
I agree, a fab piece Naznin. And @hannahtyremancpd, that's such a great point about what we each see or feel as ambitious. Why's it such a loaded word too???
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 2 months ago
@naz08 a well-crafted reflection - you write as well as you speak - and it is always from the heart. Thank you for sharing some of your journey and culture with us. Ambition is not a dirty word, but you emphasise that whilst it is a choice for some, it is not a choice for many. Reminds me of our mission #womened statement to enable us to empower ourselves and others, if we choose to.
Naznin Choudhury Naznin Choudhury @naz08 2 months ago
Thank you SO much for all the lovely comments which inspire me a lot. I don't know why its not letting me reply to individual comments.
Annemarie  Williams Annemarie Williams @awilliams 2 months ago
This is so honest and authentic @naz08 . Perhaps we need to consider what we mean by ambition? One persons ambitions will not be those of another . Freedom to embrace our individual ambitions as whole heartedly and passionately as you do should be the key. Thank you for this.
Anoara Mughal Anoara Mughal @ano 2 months ago
This is a wonderful blog Naznin! I completely agree that we must bring up children to be brave in order to develop confidence. Well done! X
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