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A few weeks back two colleagues & I went to the Oxford regional WomenEd event. Feeling inspired & at least 10% braver we held a meeting tonight in our school;a small step towards getting the WomenEd movement up, running and kicking leadership ass in Wales. Seven female colleagues and the headteacher (also female) joined us this evening intrigued and open to getting things moving. 

After a busy week having set aside no time to plan the meeting, my colleague & muddled our way through, trying to summarise the workshops we'd been to in Oxford.  Trying to somehow summarise the numerous 45 minute workshops we'd been to that had inspired us so much was an impossible task, I'm not sure the delivery was perfect but I'm hopeful that the message and our passion came across. The ladies seemed inspired! 

Many of the staff who come shared information about themselves, their values, what motivates them and aspirations; personal and professional. I learned things about staff members, including those within my own team that I didn't know. Stuff that I could really harness, make good use of in school and aspirations I hope to be able to help them achieve. 

Our Heateacher spoke openly and inspirationally (if that's even a word?!?) about her own journey to leadership and her goals for the further of the school. She encouraged each one of us individually to take a step towards our goals and showed a real passion for what we were doing. 

Conversations were had in this evening's meeting that wouldn't have otherwise been had and I hope everyone took away a little something. 

At least one member of the group is applying for a promotion today as a direct result of the meeting this evening. A promotion that she'd previously felt a lack of confidence to apply for.  I think the 10% braver idea is really taking off....... #girlpower 

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Natasha Jones

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lucy starbuck braidley lucy starbuck braidley @lucysb 4 months ago
I was at that event too and felt similarly inspired, it's so great to hear your response.
Natasha  Jones Natasha Jones @natashajones 4 months ago
Thank you. I'm new to all this blogger and a first time Tweeter. It's all very exciting though!
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 4 months ago
@lucysb & @natashajones - it wasfab to meet you both. Great to read your blogs reflecting on the event too. Loving the impact already! X
Victoria  Cane Victoria Cane @victoriaannecane 4 months ago
Just imagine what we can do.
Kate Searle Kate Searle @ksearle 3 months ago
@natashajones I think your bio is inaccurate. You already are a leader, evidently!
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