The tale of an NQT


When I started at my current school in September, I was full of NQT nerves. What are the department policies? Where are the photocopiers? Where are the board pens kept? The first term was about routines and getting to know the school.

Fast forward to Term 6.

My dilemma now is that I don't feel like I have a lot to offer my department. I see Team English on Twitter producing resources from scratch at a phenomenal rate, and I am very much reaping the benefits of many of them! Whilst I know I am a competent teacher, I do wondered when I am going to be able to whip up a new of unlocking PEE for Yr 7; or developing a way of deepening analysis for Yr 10. I feel like I'm still not 'there' yet as a teacher, as I'm now creating, just repurposing.

Hardly the worst dilemma to have, I know. This is partly a plaintive apology to those wonderful people producing the resources I'm using (thank you and sorry I'm not doing the say!) and a question: when did people start producing high quality and versatile resources they felt confident enough to share?

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Jemma Thompson

Jemma Thompson

English NQT, Matthew Arnold School, Oxford

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Kate Searle Kate Searle @ksearle 3 months ago
Took me about two years Jemma, don't panic! Your department sounds like a brilliantly collaborative place so I wouldn't worry at all. Maybe something to discuss with your mentor?
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