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Just be 10% braver is such a small phrase but it has a massive impact. During moments when you wonder should I, could I when you add be 10% braver it removes the hesitation. 

I hesitated about applying to speak at the Festival of Education and then submitted my application. I now look back and can't believe I spoke about happiness in schools to a packed out venue. So much better than wishing I had done it.

I really wanted to find out more about wellbeing and strategies to improve student life toolkits. When faced with falling School CPD budgets and a negative from school leaders I decided to take control of my own training. Looking back on my last 2 years of personally funded CPD I can't believe I have done it. I used my mental health first aid techniques lots this year and can't believe I just got myself on the course instead of hoping it would be offered by school.  I can't believe I am now trained to be a mindfulness teacher and in just a few weeks I will be teaching year 7s. So much better than hoping, wishing and waiting for CPD budgets to enable me to train. 

Talking about mental health strategies in some schools can mean being on a different page to others. My 10% braver was to seek out similar voices via WomenEd unconference I found more than a few. So much better than wishing there were a school and leadership community where mental health is a priority, I have sought out that school too. 

There are moments in our careers when it would be easy to just continue in your current role. Changing schools, trusts and roles can be a scary thought but that 10% braver mantra is powerful. Looking back I can't believe I am about to work in a values based school with mindful mornings and creating a school community from scratch. So much better than wishing. 

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Helen Pengelly Helen Pengelly @happyteachers 2 months ago
Funny that people are only now beginning to think happiness in schools is important. I was surprised that the domain name happyteachers was available when I set up my website over 2 years ago. I suppose it's better late than never. We still have a long way to go though...
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 2 months ago
Fab post Julie - so excited about the magic you are going to make happen at Aureus! X
Lisa Hannay Lisa Hannay @lisahan 2 months ago
I think it is underestimated how impactful health and mindfulness has on a school. A reflective, mindful teacher has huge power on others to create change
Lisa Pettifer Lisa Pettifer @lisa7pettifer 2 months ago
Thanks Julie. Love the idea of 'doing the brave thing' being 'better than wishing'. I'll remember that. Good look in your new role. How exciting.
Ruthie Golding Ruthie Golding @ruthieg 2 months ago
I love this post Julie, because it captures two things. When we are supported and empowered by others we grow and that when schools are values based and focusing on creating good mental health everyone can flourish. I wish you, Hannah and the rest of the team every success at Aureus in September and I look forward to seeing how the students, staff and school develop and grow.
Julie Hunter Julie Hunter @mshmfl 2 months ago
Looking forward to seeing school community flourish @ruthieg @misswilsey . @lisahan @lisa7pettifer doing the right thing sometimes needs the brave mindset and I can't wait to see what a school with mental health being proactively taught will bring in terms of flourishing students. @happyteachers happy schools will be a theme I want to come back to over the next few terms.
Helen Pengelly Helen Pengelly @happyteachers 2 months ago
@mshmfl @lisa7pettifer @misswilsey @lisahan @ruthieg Following some of the posts on here and on other forums I am thinking of running a workshop to help teachers understand how their thoughts shape their reality. Trying to gauge what sort of interest there would be. Would any of you be up for it?
Lisa Hannay Lisa Hannay @lisahan 2 months ago
I think the topic is crucial for schools and teachers to really flourish and succeed and would be interested in workshop but.....I am in Canada. Possible to have a "digital" workshop?
Helen Pengelly Helen Pengelly @happyteachers 2 months ago
@lisahan A digital workshop sounds like a great idea. It would also be much easier for busy teachers if they could do it from the comfort of their home! I am a great fan of zoom so I shall look into this some more :)
Shirley Drummond Shirley Drummond @sdrummond 2 months ago
Great post Julie! You have totally embraced the 10 percent braver mantra and carved your pathway to happiness. Good luck -what an incredible team you are surrounded by! Lucky pupils at Aureus-can't wait to visit!
K I K I @leadingspark 1 month ago
Happy teachers means happy students. Happy staff will often give over and beyond the requirement leading to amazing outcomes for the students.
Clare Erasmus Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach 1 month ago
ahhhhhh what a wonderful blog!!! It has all been said. Yes yes yes yes!
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