#Teacher5aDay #Mondivation


Sunday evening. The weekend is almost over. And yes, it was over in a flash! Back to work tomorrow! Sleep will be tricky tonight and your mind set has totally switched back to work/school mode! Do you enjoy waking up on a Monday Morning?

The reality is, the majority of us dread it!

After the positive impact of #teacher5aday #photo and #MemoryMarch on Twitter, I am pleased to team up with the person who inspired me to create these challenges, the amazing Bukky Yusuf, @rondelle10_b Thank you!

I have always attempted to begin Monday mornings on a positive note through an inspirational quote shared on Twitter, to my students in lessons and colleagues via an email. It's time to spread the love! We are not alone! We are in this together!

The Challenge: #Teacher5aday #Mondivation

Every Monday, for the entire academic year there will be a #teacher5aday #Mondivation themed challenge! Using these hashtags, we would like to invite you to either create your own quote based on the #Mondivation theme or find one online that resonates with you and share it. Also, keep an eye out for fun extension tasks!

By you sharing inspirational words, you have no idea what a positive impact it WILL have on at least one person. YES it will and can make a REAL difference! Everyone is a leader. As leaders, we have a responsibility to motivate and support our colleagues, students and learning communities.

Please print the challenge and pin it up in your staffroom! If colleagues are not on twitter, share via email! Why not share in your lessons on Monday morning?!

They say action speak louder than words. I believe words spark action. Be the light and shine bright every Monday! Avoid reacting to negativity, respond to positivity and see where it leads you.

Have a positive year! #YouGotThis

#Teacher5aday #Mondivation 

Thank you to @mreah‍ 

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[Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] 2 months ago
Love this. Saved the calendar already for Monday
B Yusuf B Yusuf @byusuf 2 months ago
Really excited to run this initiative with you, Ritesh! A whole school year of #mondivation
Natalie Wilcox Natalie Wilcox @natw 2 months ago
I'm really hoping to get some more colleagues involved- love this idea!
tracy hotchin tracy hotchin @hotchint 2 months ago
Am hoping to try and get colleagues involved, so have printed out ready. Great idea!
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