#teacher5aday #MemoryMarch

#teacher5aday #MemoryMarch 

We don’t remember days, we remember memories!

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a memory until it’s become a memory.

This March it’s time for another #Teacher5aday challenge! It was so exciting to see so many educators engage in #Teacher5aday #Photo last November & the ever growing network inspired by Martyn Reah, Bukky Yusuf, Jenna Lucas and many others.

This month we are back! And this time we want even more of you taking part and spreading the word! Let's make our network even more stronger!

#Teacher5aday #MemoryMarch

Childhood and memories in general are priceless. Yes there will be some bad memories but also some memorable ones! That's life & we have to keep going and stay postive! This month, lets reminisce and share together.

There will be a daily reminder and example for each day to get you thinking!

There will also be a prize for the person who posts every day with creativity and hits that extra special note! Many thanks to Paul Wright @pw2tweets for donating his fabulous book as the prize! See image below!

Yes the Easter holidays are in sight, let's keep going with #teacher5aday #MemoryMarch

We Are In This Together.

Ritesh @Mr_Patel100 


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Shirley Drummond Shirley Drummond @sdrummond 8 months ago
I love this, have just sent them to be laminated one for each staff room to initiate some fun discussions in the staff room, not all staff are on twitter yet but at least this way they still get their #teacher5aday . Our positivity jar winners will be drawn for a bottle of prosecco from #ForteFebruary on Wednesday! thank you!
Natalie Wilcox Natalie Wilcox @natw 8 months ago
Love this!! Already thinking about Day 1!!
Ritesh Patel Ritesh Patel @mrpatel100 8 months ago
Thanks @natw looking forward to it! ☺️
Jill Berry Jill Berry @jillberry 8 months ago
What a great idea, @sdrummond!

Thanks for this, Ritesh. Will try to get involved.
[Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] 8 months ago
Looking forward to this. Long lead in to Easter this year
Shirley Drummond Shirley Drummond @sdrummond 7 months ago
Well.. we never tweeted March Memories but break and lunchtimes this month have been nostalgic, poignant and funny as staff took a trip down memory lane. Thank you @mrpatel100 #teacher5aday . We are now on Easter hols.. and look forward to April's event!
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