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Ever had that belief at the start of a new academic year feeling refreshed, feeling positive ready to embark on a fresh challenge? We all have! However, there will be times when the ship doesn’t always sail smoothly.

I have been teaching for almost 9 years and quite possibly had the most challenging and testing term I can ever recall. Yes, it can happen to all of us!

I was faced with a combination of School and personal anxieties that made me feel weak and often worthless. I even questioned myself on several occasions, if I was good enough. At times, I was looking for a dark hole to hide in. It was frustrating and I couldn’t see a smile or light at the end of a turbulent tunnel. As much as it breaks me to say, tears were shed. But in hindsight the reality was, I needed to. Was there a way out?

There always is. Acceptance of a negative state or action is the first step to move forward, the first step to see at least some of that light. It was a battle and in some respect, still is. But we learn. We learn from experience and develop our resilience and mind-set in order to counter these hurdles with greater knowledge and determination. It felt great to have my ‘mojo’ back and wanted to scream this out loud to the world! I call it #BeastMode

What did I learn from this? Remember. Please, remember what you have done to get you where you are. Reinforce your why. Say it to yourself. Engage in something you enjoy and appreciate doing where time has often been a barrier. Make time! There is always time, find it, create it and love it! Now and again we need to take a step back to reflect and recharge. Don't bottle things up and feel isolated. Speak to the people you trust and believe in you. I thank all those that supported me last term and made me feel alive again. We all know it's about the quality, not quantity. I find it refreshing inspiring my friends and whoever I can on Twitter. Something small can make a difference or indeed trigger positive impact. Remember. Please, remember, it will always be a journey, never a destination. Be grateful.

Form is temporary, class is permanent. Have strong and fearless countdown to Christmas! You got this, remember!

We Are In This Together

Thank you

P.S And if you taking part in the November #teacher5aday #Photo challenge, it promises to be another action packed month of sharing countless memories!

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Ritesh Patel

Ritesh Patel

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Christalla Jamil Christalla Jamil @chrissy 3 weeks ago
Perhaps, dear Twitter son, you must also understand the energy and positivity you bring to our lives too! I am grateful that I paths crosses.... though momentarily in the Dugdale’s Car Park... metaphorically and in the virtual world of Twitter! Very wise words for such a young soul! Be well buddy.
B Yusuf B Yusuf @byusuf 3 weeks ago
Thank you Ritesh for a great reminder to everyone when we momentarily stumble along our journey. Our connections on a personal and professional level with trusted friends / colleagues always helps to steer us back on track. So onwards with your Beast Mode!
Amjad Ali Amjad Ali @astsupportaali 3 weeks ago
Glad you're better mate. The struggle shows us how wonderful great is. Shout if you need anything.
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