My Core Purpose, The Reason Why I Curating This Digimeet and Ultimately Change


In this career you will face challenges different to any other career you undertake. However I have never doubted that this is the best undertaking I have ever taken.

My name’s Pran Patel and I’m currently a Lead Practitioner in an inner London academy. The son of two immigrant parents, one from the West Indian state of Gujrat (kemcho) and the other hailing from the Kenyan capital Nairobi (hamjambo).

The reason I teach is to serve the pupils in my care; to give them the best possible start in life regardless of their background. This I have taken with me to every lesson in every classroom I have ever taught in.

A year ago I met some amazing people in the University of Cambridge at a conference (Bukky, Hannah and Kathryn) who really kickstarted my journey to be becoming a more outward facing leader. As real change comes from the propagation of our vision to not just the echo chambers of our environment but to the masses.

"We are not just leaders in our schools and classroom, but in our profession" 
Hannah Wilson

Well with the above quote in mind. I'd like to answer why I am curating a BAMEed diversity digimeet. We all know about the inequity in today's schools? I'm not going to delve into those intricacies now. As I want to share the support and assistance I have received over the years. 

I've been so lucky I've attending various teachmeets and even secured a place on the DFE's diverse leaders course run by GLF and the Harris federation. The single greatest source of my professional development and support I have received is from my PLN. Let me say thank you to all of you who have been there with the countless blogs, tweets and chats. I genuinely appreciate it, my life would be very different without you. Today if we can all share our journeys, concerns and solutions and willingly support each other that can only be a good thing.

If you are not already a follower and supporter of @BAMEed you know what to do. They encompass all our overall aims ensuring our diverse communities are represented as a substantive part of the education workforce for teachers and leaders.

This half term I'll be proudly attending the @BAMEed unconference in Birmingham as a panel member. 

As nothing substantial in life happens without commitment we are looking to introduce a pledge to change.

As this is *our* pledge for change here is my request to you. I need your views on what should it contain. To support each other in times of need? To attend only diverse panels as members? To call out unconscious bias every time it rears its head? 

Peace and Pedagogy


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Pran  Patel

Pran Patel

Science teacher, Lead coach, PGCE Lead with Goldsmiths, NPQSL - @UkEd_london ambassador

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Matt  Young Matt Young @mattyoung 6 months ago
Excellent opening post @mrpatel. Really looking forward to following the other contributions to the day.
Parm  Plummer Parm Plummer @parmplum 6 months ago
A great start to the #digimeet, Prague. Looking forward to adding my views later.
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 6 months ago
Pran - it was a pleasure meeting you and @kathryn22 at the Cambridge event and forming a friendship. It is great meeting more outward-facing leaders who want to collaborate - looking forward to seeing you at the BAMEed panel in a few weeks.
Suzie Happy Suzie Happy @suhappyness 6 months ago
Hujambo! Thank you for organising this digimeet @mrpatel. See you at the BAMEed conference!
Amjad Ali Amjad Ali @astsupportaali 6 months ago
"We are not just leaders in our schools and classroom, but in our profession" A brilliant quote, and you are undertaking it fantastically. Keep striving.
Anoara Mughal Anoara Mughal @ano 6 months ago
A lovely way to start the digimeet. Thank you for asking me to contribute. I am really looking forward to reading other blogs today. See you next week for #TMpicnic meeting.
Allana Gay Allana Gay @allanag13 6 months ago
Great description of your change and challenge to others to join in. Starts the #digimeet on the right tone. Looking forward to working with you on changing our profession.
Martha Da Costa-Sherwood Martha Da Costa-Sherwood @dacosmeconsult 6 months ago
Great conviction in your opening post - looking forward to seeing how thing progress.
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