Big Tissue

There are levels of nerdy sadness, and then there is writing the date on the underside of a tissue box.

I had a theory that tissues in front of a class would be used more quickly than tissues at the back of my class. I had noticed that children would spot the tissues and decide they needed to blow their nose, rather than the other way around.

I experimented with tissue box positions and discovered that a box at the back lasts SEVEN times longer than at the front. Seven!

This is a work in progress - I'm currently experimenting with rulers Blu-Tacked across the front of my board, in a bid to encourage my children to use them more. It seems to be working... but they are also stealing a lot of Blu-Tack!

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Stephen Lockyer

Stephen Lockyer

Teacher/writer, enthusiastic about pedagogy, technology, #goprimary

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Tim Jefferis Tim Jefferis @tjjteacher 2 years ago
This kind of things really interests me. It illustrates just how much we can change children's behaviour simply by nudging them to make the right choices....
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