Maths in the cloud

I use clouds quite a lot to give number choices, as they are super quick, avoid any photocopying and you can also become quite specific about what you are wanting them to do with the numbers.

In the illustration above, we were looking at decimals less than 1, and had noticed that they found it hard to place and calculate these decimals, so this task aimed to correct this in a quick way. For the first two parts of the task, they simply had to copy and place the decimals on an empty number line. The third part required them to make a choice from the clouds - and this I s when they start making decisions about what is easiest (probably) to add together. This doesn't bother me, as they are being forced to be selective.

In differentiation terms, this is very easy to adjust for your various abilities. In work scrutiny times, the children will end up with a real variety of answers (which does, admittedly, increase marking).

I should really keep a copy of the clouds I've used  in the past, but they take so little time to draw it's probably not worth it!

(The surface is Magic Whiteboard On my IWB screen, so I can write on the surface and only turn on the board if I have to.)

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