A reunion for those who haven't met yet



We went hashtag crazy at #tmlondon, with the highlight being a handsome presenter walking up, and someone saying, perhaps too loudly, "hashtag fit" which made us all snigger. 


This was a slick tech-heavy event, which sadly died as I went to present! I wouldn't have normally flapped, but my talk was reliant on visual aids! It was quickly resolved however, and was good to see such a wide variety of presentation formats - one of which I was discussing with my own children in the pub four days later!


"I'm a Primary School teacher, so I get excited about everything!" @ICTMagic is one of the loveliest chaps within the Twitter/Teachmeet circuit, and he gave the funniest talk of the night too. He does so much, with UKedchat, with his generous time for anyone online or offline and he does this without drama or ceremony. Thank you Martin.


There is just such a feelgood vibe in Teachmeets which I find both infectious and addictive. People had travelled from far and wide, self-funded, and mostly on their days off, to be in a room filled with other people who also get a kick out of learning about teaching. I met up the @jenniferhart @abster and @missb there, but also saw many other friends I had initially met online first. I basically laughed and smiled for three hours. 


This was the first Teachmeet where I felt the Livestream really did have a major presence in events, with lots of online and offline chat going on. Leon Cych really does deserve recognition for the hours he has spent quietly filming, recording and editing work for the Teachmeet community - I imagine he has clocked up more TM hours than any of us combined! Thank you Leon for all you do to connect us.


These really were classy canapes, although the combination of starvation, driving duties and sweet/savoury mixed on the same table meant I had the oddest combinations. For a profession whose only fringe benefit is stolen Post-Its, it really is lovely to be treated to wine, beer and food. Thanks to all the sponsors for digging deep.


What Teachmeet would be complete without a Teacheat afterwards, where we took over the Pub down the road, to the horror of the locals I think! It was lovely to have some of the organisers there too, leaving some guy called Ross to clear up the detritus the rest of us had left behind. £20 for six drinks in London! WOW!


I am personally really glad that the 'random spinner' is being quietly retired. It makes for a much more professional event in my opinion, gets rid of wasted time and allows the hosts to be far more aware of the time the event takes.

Next time

I hope there is another #TMlondon - although the 'best CPD event ever' slogan is insanely grandiose, is was a great event, and one I hope becomes potentially annual. 


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Tim Jefferis Tim Jefferis @tjjteacher 2 years ago
I hope our one gets off the ground - numbers slowly creeping up!
Flora RH Richards Flora RH Richards @cupacoco 2 years ago
Such a pleasure to meet you all there!
Claire Bracher Claire Bracher @missb 2 years ago
@mrlockyer - a perfect title - that is exactly how it felt -a fantastic night - and made better still by the fact that the room was so full of enthusiasm and laughter :o) A fab night to be a teacher!
[Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] 2 years ago
It was online as well?!? How did I miss this??? Grr!!
Abigail Mann Abigail Mann @abster 2 years ago
This is a really great summary of what was indeed a beautiful event. Well done @mrlockyer for covering all bases in such a succinct way.
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