Be quiet


Best piece of advice I ever recieved? Stop talking so loud. 

Those exact words. Written by an AH who happened to pop into a Y9 lesson on my PGCE. Scribbled on a post-it.

Stop talking so loud.

Best piece of advice I ever recieved.

Now I have a competition with myself to find out how quiet I can be.

So. You. Yeah, YOU. Stop talking so loud. 

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Toby French

Toby French

History teacher.

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Kerry Williams Kerry Williams @kwilliamsast 2 years ago
I love practising this with students. Such a huge sense of achievement when I get through an entire lesson with a soft voice. #smallvictories
Toby French Toby French @mrhistoire 2 years ago
And the more of these small victories the greater the conditions for learning become.
Annie Black Annie Black @annieblack01 1 year ago
As you take the register, get quieter and quieter - the kids do too. It's magic!
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