You will do it tomorrow?


One thing I've learned during my time teaching is never leave something you can do today until tomorrow. 

Tomorrow always brings it's own challenges and to do lists.  That thing you put off because you didn't fancy it will get postponed again and again leading to a rushing and stress as a deadline looms.

A caveat to this is that phrase "can do".  Remember to be mindful of your work life balance.  Set yourself a evening work curfew and try to stick to it. 

Prioritise your tasks and think about which are urgent and important.  Don't be afraid to reject tasks that are neither important or urgent.  Especially the ones you have created for yourself.  Do you REALLY need to laminate everything?  Will the task make you practice better?  Has it been given to you by someone else?

Don't be afraid to say no.  This is a really hard thing to learn, but sometimes colleagues create tasks.  Another option is to ignore (politely) until asked a second time.  You would be surprised how often you would be asked for something only for the person to forget.

Make the most of your PPA time. Likewise assembly time and the half hour after school.  You will be amazed at how many tasks can be competed much quicker at work than when at home with distractions.  Be smart and maximise your out of school fun.

Marking is best tackled as close to the work is completed.  This is because you have the task in mind making assessment possible.  You mark better (and faster) in short bursts.  There is nothing worse and soul destroying than catch up marking on a Sunday.  No amount of coffee is going to rescue that situation!  The marking will be dire, worthless and you will resent it ending up knackered.

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Tim Head Tim Head @mrheadcomputing 1 year ago
I haven't. Will take a look. Thanks
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