My own worst enemy Pt 2


WhileI am at less of a risk due to a generally healthier lifestyle, I do need toreflect and sort myself out. Since Ihave been taking too much on, I have stopped going to the gym, stopped playingsquash, eaten less well and perhaps not looked after myself as well as Ishould.

Thisis the bit where I try to convince myself! I WILL NOT take on any new projects even if I finish one. I WILL make time for me (Gym, squash and family). I WILL go to bed earlier and drink lesscaffeine.


Goingback to Myagi, maybe I should walk in the middle then I could at least try tododge traffic , rather than walking head on into it as I am at the minute, ormaybe I need to spend some time in the cycle lane? I know teaching is a hard job, I wouldn’tchange that. I don’t blame anyone. I need to say no, to myself more than anyone.

Timefor a well earned break, and I’ll go to the Doctors next week...

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Tim Head

Tim Head

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Peps McCrea Peps McCrea @pepsmccrea 2 years ago
Thanks for posting (both parts). One of the big things I've had to try to narrow is my intentions/actions gap. I know what I need to do, but it's hard to get myself to do it. Often, a bit of external help or structure can be really powerful in this situation. Eg: promise you'll give £100 to charity if you don't do X (X being something that will add at least £100 worth of value to your life).
Peps McCrea Peps McCrea @pepsmccrea 2 years ago
Either way, have a chilled week next week :)
Tim Head Tim Head @mrheadcomputing 2 years ago
Great advice. Thanks
Mark Steven Mark Steven @what 2 years ago
Hope you're feeling better. Take care of yourself.
Tim Head Tim Head @mrheadcomputing 2 years ago
I am thanks. Half term was very much needed. :)
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