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The last 2 weeks have been #womened-tastic! 

Last Saturday, the lovely @awilliams‍ hosted us for a @womenedEM regional event at her stunning school in Leicester - if you want to see creativity and immersive learning in situ you need to visit! The key note from Harriet Minter resonated with us all and I did my first #womened key note, sharing my leadership journey.

Last Sunday, we had our @womenedWM regional leaders orientation day - we do this with each new round of volunteers to align vision and values, it is essential to meet in person and form as a team. We now have an extended team of regional leaders in both the West and the East Mids. We are excited to be planning a calendar of events for 2017-18 to include a Career Development Unconference in January, a Midlands Festival of Leadership in May, plus #leadmeet   for International Day of the Girl on 11/0 and International Women's Day on 8/3. 

Yesterday, I had the privilege of hosting our first #womened event at Aureus School. People travelled from Kent, Southampton, Wales, Sheffield and Italy to join us. Our 2 fab key notes, Dame Kate Dethridge and @vivg were our book ends to frame a fab day of learning, leading and reflecting. I have received so many lovely comments about the warm, inclusive and relaxed atmosphere of the event, plus lots of compliments about 'glorious Aureus!'

Tired, but happy. Especially happy to see so many #heforshe ambassadors, so many babies and our next generation of girl leaders!

I love being part of a community with a common goal, a shared vision, a collective voice. 

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Hannah Wilson

Hannah Wilson

Executive Headteacher | DfE Coach | #WomenEd Co-Founder | SLE | NPQML/SL facilitator | NPQH | Governor | Leadership Matters Ambassador

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Natalie Wilcox Natalie Wilcox @natw 4 months ago
Such a fantastic day! It was great to catch up with lovely friends as well as hearing brilliant presentations from so many amazing people. It's always emotional at #womened and yesterday was no exception! Thank you so much for hosting at your wonderful new school. I look forward to hearing about the exciting things you do for your lucky new students xx
Clare Erasmus Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach 4 months ago
Hannah the womenED movement is so nourishing and nurturing. Wonderful to see the regional groups spring up and massive seeds sewn. Glorious Aureus will be a wonderful journey for you to embed everything you and womenED stand for. Beautiful visions for the future developing aspirational women across the globe. You must be exhausted...what an amazing achievement . Standing in awe of the waves of women coming out to champion
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 4 months ago
Lovely to see you both @natw and @cerasmusteach - such a fab day. Yes to emotionally exhausting - I am still processing! Plus very surreal to have people in the building at last. :-) xx
K I K I @leadingspark 4 months ago
I'm gutted I couldn't make it - looking forward to the next one!
[Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] 4 months ago
Next generation of girl leaders has opportunity to grow. Loved hearing the primary students talking about their day.
Kay Fuller Kay Fuller @kayfuller 4 months ago
Yes sorry I could not make it @misswilsey. Sounds as if you had a great day in your new school.
Annemarie  Williams Annemarie Williams @awilliams 4 months ago
I love being part of the WomenEd community too and was very pleased to host the first east miss event at my school. Thank you Hannah for such a glowing report, your school was an absolute treat to visit. I can't wait to see it fill up with lots of smiling faces. X
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