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Following on from last  year's session at #pedagoohampshire16‍ exploring #womened, our call to action was to host a #leadmeet at #pedagoohampshire‍17 to encourage others to be #10%braver and to amplify new voices.

The line up is some of my new Aureus team and #wellbeing friends who have helped us with our vision and values for staff and students vision into provision.

Our MAT mission statement is that all of our community will #growlearnflourish  and our school mission is to nurture hearts and minds through our values-led leadership and our values based education. We have 12 values and our September is exploring the value of  #wellbeing.

@mshmfl‍ one of my DHTs is leading our wellbeing and culture 

Charlotte James is our staff wellbeing leader

Drew Morris is our Arts leader 

@suew‍ is our VBE trainer and critical friend

@cerasmusteach‍ is Mrs Mental Health 

@byusuf‍ is Mrs #Teacher5aDay

@amyjeetley‍ is Mrs Mindfulness

@kiran‍ is the epitome of #optimisticed‍ 

@jazampawfarr‍ is a Resilience Ninja

Come and join us to reflect on your values and magpie ideas for a whole school mental health and wellbeing strategy. 

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Hannah Wilson

Hannah Wilson

Executive Headteacher | DfE Coach | #WomenEd Co-Founder | SLE | NPQML/SL facilitator | NPQH | Governor | Leadership Matters Ambassador

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Sue Webb Sue Webb @suew 2 months ago
Aureus is going to be a wonderful example to show how schools, students and staff can #growlearnflourish in this tough education system.
[Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] 2 months ago
Looking forward to sharing first week of wellbeing for students
Clare Erasmus Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach 1 month ago
it was SUCH an honour to speak alongside this tem. Hannah your visionary leadership is inspiring me all the time. Yes! wellbeing works :)
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