Launching @WomenEdCanada


#uLead is an international leadership conference held in Banff each year. A 3 day residential in the mountains. A magnificent backdrop for professional learning. 


Carol Campbell from Ontario University set the scene - 2 years ago there were no women on the main stages during the event. Pasi Sahlberg gave up his seat on a male only panel for a female voice to join the conversation. Last year Carol & Shelley co-led the #womened preconference. This year we doubled the number of women at the preconference & had a women leading strand throughout the main conference including an all female panel. 

Vision & Values:

I shared the #womened journey, our vision, values & growing community. We discussed how the 8 Cs frame our activity & would structure the day. The #10%braver mantra was introduced around the theme of finding & using your voice. I shared the impact this has us on individuals & how we are beginning to have impact & affect changes including the white paper & the coaching pledge. 


Shelley Magnusson from Alberta Teaching Association shared the data - nationally & regionally. The data paralleled our U.K. Situation - female heavy sector & male heavy headships. Their provincial executive leadship tier (similar to our MAT leaders) was especially male heavy. 

Table discussions:

The 1 day workshop was structured around our 8 Cs. We had 8 x 15 min discussions exploring each value facilitated by a table leader. At the end of each discussion we captured our thoughts on post it's & flipcharts - each of the table leaders will be contributing sections to a blog of the day.

On my table the word 'choice' was key - the landscape here is that you are moved into roles, you are moved schools, you are moved phases as directed by the provincial leaders. Some women had been blessed as they had worked in nurturing schools with strong female role models - others had had doors shut & opportunities denied.

Keynote 1:

Gillian Hamilton the CEO of the Scottish Centre for Education Leadership shared her leadership journey through parenthood to shaping a brand new role in a new organisation.

Keynote 2:

Laurie Bahri a regional Principal shared her journey navigating the local landscape. She shared some of her coping mechanisms speaking to each of the Cs.


5 leaders then modelled a #leadmeet format as a takeaway format for delegates to connect & grow local networks. Presenters included a #heforshe and a Headteacher from Australia. They will blog separately.


As well as pledging to be #10%braver, other takeaways from the day were to join StaffRm & contribute to the #beboldforchange#digimeet  on 7/5 - an opportunity to reflect, continue conversations & share experiences. A dual language twitter chat for @womenedcanada  is also being initiated. 

The atmosphere was magical, electrical, joyful & palpable. Emotions were high. Friendships were created. A community was born.

I am excited to watch @WomenEd Canada  grow!

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Hannah Wilson

Hannah Wilson

Executive Headteacher | DfE Coach | #WomenEd Co-Founder | SLE | NPQML/SL facilitator | NPQH | Governor | Leadership Matters Ambassador

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Katherine Kloschinsky Katherine Kloschinsky @katherine 8 months ago
So inspired and feeling empowered by the #WomenEd movement and all the wonderful sharing at this pre-conference.
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 8 months ago
@katherine - that is great feedback - thank you for joining us & contributing to the day. Inspiration & empowerment are great takeaways! Looking forward to reading your reflections. Check out post by @lisahan
B Yusuf B Yusuf @byusuf 8 months ago
The energy and vibrancy of the event leaps out in this blog. Thank you for sharing Hannah and well done!
Heather De Blasio Heather De Blasio @hdeblasio 8 months ago
It was amazing to be involved with these inspiring women
Jane Danvers Jane Danvers @janedanvers 8 months ago
Looking forward to being part of the global WomanEd movement. Australians will be on board.
Shelley Magnusson Shelley Magnusson @saskmag 8 months ago
What a great and inspirational day - women supporting women
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