Action Aid First Hand Experience to Mozambique with OWLIE


Oxfordshire Women Leading in Education, through the OWLIE hub at Aureus School, have teamed up with ActionAid,a leading international charity working in over 45 countries. ActionAid’s local staff provide immediate, hands-on support to women and children living on the margins of survival, and they don’t walk away until they’ve achieved lasting change.

Together, OWLIE and ActionAid are organising a First Hand Experience trip to Mozambique, for current and aspiring women working in education in the UK.

On the trip, volunteers will help build a library at a local secondary school whilst developing leadership skills, swapping teaching knowledge with women in Mozambique, and building a trusted network and relationships with other aspiring women working in education.

All women working in education who want to build on or share their leadership skills, whilst making a real difference to children’s lives, are encouraged to apply for this challenge like no other.

The experience will take place in August 2018 enabling you run a year of fundraising activity to contribute to the project and cover your costs.


Find out more from ActionAid and register your interest today.

There will be an IAG event at Aureus School in the Autumn if you would like to find out more. I am looking forward to seeing who wants to join me on this community experience and leadership development journey.

You can register your interest here: 

3 months volunteering in Ghana and a month volunteering in Tanzania last year have positively impacted me as an educator and as a leader. Opportunities like this will definitely test your sense of adventure,your resilience and your community engagement to name just a few values it will resonate with!

Although this experience is organised by OWLIE it is open beyond our region to anyone engaging with the WLIE mission to nurture more women leading in education. 

@awilliams@kiran@kathryn22@rraimato@mrskatesmith@missavis@benniekara@mshmfl@candidagould@crista@byusuf@summer‍ please spread the word.

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Hannah Wilson

Hannah Wilson

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Natasha  Jones Natasha Jones @natashajones 3 months ago
Hi Hannah. A colleague and I have made some enquiries. Very exciting!
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 3 months ago
Fab - would love you both to join us!
Natasha  Jones Natasha Jones @natashajones 2 months ago
Hey @misswilsey. I've been out of the lad of tech for some time this summer but just catching up. We've booked. We're in. Mozambique here we come! Love to join the Facebook group but haven't been able to find it.
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 2 months ago
@natashajones I am so excited you are joining us!! Who is your partner in time? Have you got tickets for #womened 30/9 too? X
Natasha  Jones Natasha Jones @natashajones 2 months ago
I'm so excited. Her name is Carys, she's a HLTA in my school. She's just got a promotion off the back of our first Women's Ed meeting in school & is well on journey towards smashing that glass ceiling. Can't wait to get our fundraising packs and start raising... what's the Facebook group name? X
Natasha  Jones Natasha Jones @natashajones 2 months ago
Ooo forgot about 30/9, it's my Mams birthday and we're having a party so won't be joining. I did send numerous emails to colleagues, promoting. Hopefully some have booked. T x
Rosanna Raimato Rosanna Raimato @rraimato 2 months ago
Hi Natasha! So amazing you're coming along! Was Carys with you in the workshop you came to?
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