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I have come to the realisation that I haven't been very nice to myself recently. If a pupil in my class had been speaking to their peers in a way I have been speaking to myself I would be having serious words with them. So as an apology to myself I have decided to write a post about my successes this half term, to celebrate the positive and not be so hard on myself. 

In my first half term I have managed to:

*Learn the names of all the children in my class. 

*Learn the faces of all the adults who collect them.

*Learn how to benchmark pupils. 

*Survive my first parents evening. 

*Give each child in my class a comment individual to them for parents evening. 

*Have a full day of structured conversations (conversations with 4 parents about how we can work together to support their children). 

*Be observed twice. 

*Attend two courses. 

*Attend a teachmeet. 

*Help all the pupils in my class sew puppets. 

*Teach forest school sessions. 

*Learn how my school does guided reading.

*Do an assembly in front of KS1 (about 150 pupils).

*Set up a lunch time club. 

*Build a relationship of trust between myself and my pupils. 

*Create a display in the corridor. 

*Set targets for writing and maths for all my pupils. 

*Make harvest pictures with my class and talk about them in the harvest assembly. 

*Not have to have a day off due to illness (thank you immune system).

I am sure I have a achieved many more little successes. Yes my successes are little, but they are still successes. I need to value what I am doing right rather than dwelling on things I need to improve. I know reflecting on my practice will help me to develop and I am striving to make myself a better teacher constantly. But being to obsessed with what I didn't do as well as I know I could have will not help me in the long run, it will make me feel like I never do anything right because nothing will ever be perfect. I need to celebrate the little things too while acknowledging the improvements I have to make. 

It is my first half term, it has gone well, I will continue to get better. I will be kinder to myself. 

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Gabbie Wills

Gabbie Wills

NQT in Herts. Trained in Oxford. Originally from Lancashire.

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Leah Sharp Leah Sharp @leahmoo 1 year ago
A great idea to take the time to reflect upon what you have achieved is half term - and what a list! Imagine what it will look like by Christmas. I'm sure you will accept your own apology! Nice post :)
Sarah Bassett Sarah Bassett @molky97 1 year ago
Well done Gabbie, great achievements, long will it continue
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