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Myth: Women Can’t Work Together Successfully

During my teacher training it became clear that, at least in my experience, language teaching in the UK is female-dominated.

We’ve all seen carefully edited episodes of The Apprentice showing all-female teams to seemingly wanting to push each other down rather than pulling each other up.

All the schools in which I have worked have had all-female language departments.

I did part of my training year in a department run by a Queen Bee (see @kiran’s post for more!) where every day it was my outfit choice which would be the basis of all judgement by the clique of MFL teachers, they couldn’t support each other for their incredible work, if they were wearing the wrong colour scheme!

I’ve worked in a school where other departments were wary of us, as if all of our meetings were gossip-fuelled bitchfests with hair-pulling and squabbles! We felt isolated and excluded and were offered guidance from male members of SLT to make sure our meetings ran smoothly!

I currently work in a department with 8 women, we are (self-titled) “the best department ever”, we have such a strong sense of camaraderie and solidarity, we work together, share best practise, big each other up, coach and care. There isn’t a hint of bitchiness, there is no place for it because we are all working towards the same departmental goal but also because we support each other’s decisions and career goals.

There are still men and women who think that women can’t work successfully together but my department and powerful movements such as #WomenEd prove that we can and to all of my sisters out there, no matter what you decided to wear, on your own you are special and together we are powerful.

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Leanne Avis

Leanne Avis

Head of Student Wellbeing | #Womened SE Regional Leader | Love people and sharing stories

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Kiran S Kiran S @kiran 2 months ago
@missavis a beautiful piece of writing! Thank you and well done for being #10%braver.

It is really important we support each other otherwise what hope are we giving the younger girls of this world?!

Brilliant blog x
A Alexander A Alexander @andream656 2 months ago
I really enjoyed reading this, its a wonderful thing when like minded people come together for the purpose of good.
Annemarie  Williams Annemarie Williams @awilliams 2 months ago
Brilliant! We are definitely stronger together and should be lifting other women up.
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 2 months ago
Lovely post @missavis - we always emphasise that #womened is a community and that we are a tribe - in it together and working collaboratively, not competitively. I can imagine there are lots of references to the witches circle for an all female department - another myth to bust!
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