How are you?


How are you?

No, really, how are you? Have you stopped to notice?

Chances are you are a bit tired and run down. It's that time of year when we maybe don't think about our wellbeing as much as we should. The busyness around Prelims, reports and parents' evenings; the dark mornings and evenings which stop us from seeing much daylight; the world courgette crisis and the imminent onslaught of February flu.....all these can serve to leave us vulnerable to illness.

We need to remember to look after ourselves, both physically and mentally.

So, here's a quick rescue plan if you need a bit of a reminder:

1. Move for ten minutes each day. Walk, dance, vacuum, cycle, whatever works for you.

2. Get outside in the fresh air for 10 minutes each day. (Where possible combine with 1).

3. Think of three positive things each day before you go to sleep and again after you wake up.

4. Listen to a motivational song.

5. Eat and sleep as well as you possibly can.

Take Care. 

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Lena Carter

Lena Carter

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Masha  Bell Masha Bell @mashabell 9 months ago
For bad weather days a stepper is a brilliant aid.
Christine Couser Christine Couser @cacouser 9 months ago
Good advice, I do worry when I ask staff, how are you, that I won't have the resource they would like - mainly time. Doesn't stop me asking, it is heartfelt, even if I have no solution
Melanie Collins Melanie Collins @jigsawmel 9 months ago
Heck....I was fine until I read this. Hadn't heard of the courgette crisis (my favourite vegetable!) so looked it up and sure enough you're right! Thanks for helping me learn my one new thing for today.
B P B P @becpack82 9 months ago
I don't normally stop and think, sometimes it easier. After a morning team teaching a vulnerable child, I was fine, until someone asked me 'Are you ok?' Then I had to think about it. Then the tears came. That night, I went for a run before spending time with my children. This was essential. Not seeing my children for that 30 minutes of running, meant that I could 'be' with my children fully and not be distracted by the stresses of the day. We all need to take that time for us, but it will make everything else better/easier.
Emma Burden Emma Burden @emmajb 9 months ago
Our school actually gave an INSET day to wellbeing last week where we had a speaker come in and we did activities. This was also alongside a personality strengths report which is linked to the wellbeing information. It's becoming more of a priority. My wellbeing has improved slightly of course as I've popped to Laos for a cheeky lunar new year holiday!
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