I have had an absolutely brilliant day.

I was involved in co-facilitating the inaugural national Scottish #womened network meeting in Glasgow and it was the most wonderful, motivating and energising experience.

Our aim was to explore the ways in which #womened can be promoted and further developed in Scotland and we put every minute to maximum use in achieving this.

In spite of my complete inability to stick to time, Caradh (Pert) kept things on track and we skipped nimbly from presentations to a carousel around the 8Cs to more discussions and some inspiring, moving and 10+% braver #leadmeets from Christine Couser, Gillian Hamilton, Jacqueline Risk, Elizabeth Gowans and Amanda Corrigan.

We explored our "why", our "what" and our "how" and we looked at how our national approach to supporting women and men leaders will be similar to and different from others.

I am exhausted tonight but I am also glowing as I reflect on what was shared and what we as a group achieved. We have bonded as and we have produced a plan. Our first campaign will be online and we have launched #womenedwednesday, thanks to the brilliantly creative Joyce Matthews.

I reflected a fortnight ago about what #womened means to me:


Today was an incredible opportunity to explore clarity, communication, connection, collaboration, confidence, community, challenge and change.

There are exciting times ahead for leaders and potential wo(men) leaders in Scotland. Today was a tremendous start and we owe huge thanks to Caradh and Hannah for making it happen.

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Lena Carter

Lena Carter

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Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 6 months ago
I just gave you both a nudge. Very proud of Team Scotland. You & @caradhpert did the #womened community proud! Looking forward to hearing all about it! X
Charlie Kraig Charlie Kraig @cvkraig 6 months ago
Way to go #womenedScotland! Having had the privilege of being involved in @womenedcanada launch last month I can attest to the exciting, energizing, and invigorating nature of such an experience. I look forward to learning from you as we are all part of the same tribe, helping each other out and lifting each other up. Well done!
Christine Couser Christine Couser @cacouser 6 months ago
Thanks for bringing us on board. This is only the beginning
Elizabeth Gowans Elizabeth Gowans @lizziegowans 6 months ago
Thank you so much for the day Lena. I was so pleased to meet you and have a chance to chat.
Mandy Davidson Mandy Davidson @allm14891126 6 months ago
It has given me lots of food for thought. Thanks for including me
Joyce MATTHEWS Joyce MATTHEWS @joycematthews 6 months ago
What a great day, and I'm still sure I only asked the question...
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