Having been prompted by my wonderful @HealthyToolkitHT friends, I am writing a post on what I will be doing to look after myself today.

First of all, I stayed in bed until 8. Not asleep, granted, but I took time to lay there and breathe to combat the worry-monkeys who wanted me up and doing at 6. Mindful breathing and three good things exercises always work now.

I have moved on a lot from here: 


Secondly, I am writing this from my exercise bike, as I simultaneously pedal and type. For me, a bit of gentle exercise each day is crucial for keeping my vestibular system in order and sending some happy-making dopamine to the right bits of my brain. (Apologies, scientists, but that is my understanding of why I need to do it).

Thirdly, I have left today free of any other commitments so that I can do some work for the week ahead. Yes, for me this IS self-care, even though working for self-care may seem counterintuitive. I have a lot to do at the moment due to staff issues at school and I am only going to keep on top of running my school if I plan well and stay calm.

But my mission to look after myself actually started yesterday. I took 5 minutes at the start of the day to email some colleagues in my authority to ask for some help in doing the work I have to do. Nothing demanded of them except "can you email me a couple of power points, please?". By the end of the day they had sent what I need, so that part of today's work will take just an hour instead of three.

And then yesterday I spent the whole day shopping and at the theatre in Glasgow with my daughter. This re-charged me and my brain and was the proper switch-off needed so that today my brain will work better again.

I have a colleague at work who feels it is condescending when he is told to "work smart" instead of "work hard." I am afraid that for me, it is the only answer.

Also from my bike, (10 mins to go), I am making important connections with my personal learning network through Twitter, @staffrm‍  and other blogs. I have just read this: 


which is a great read in this thread.

So, that's me, in my own idiosyncratic, self-caring way. 

How about you?

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