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Maybe that’s why we love Audrey. She believed in kindness and miracles; she believed in people. She’d seen the spectrum of human behaviour from a very early age and still believed in people. 

Her words are powerful sources of strength and hope. They hold truth and more than that the understanding of a human’s worth.

Seeing the infinite worth in another human being is the most hopeful way to see everyone and surely the best way to see everyone. Now, it may sound that I’m wearing rose-tinted glasses. I am not. I’ve seen a spectrum of human behaviour – from unconditional hate to unconditional love. Humans are complex creatures. Complexity grows when we mask our similarities through differences. Culturally compliant differences.

Difference and diversity are very different things to me. Difference is inevitable. Diversity enables us to be different. It makes us unique in an ocean of humanity.

My sister has also seen this spectrum and in some ways we see the world in different ways.

We’ve gone through the same childhood experiences – many were difficult to go through and comprehend. But we were always together – always there for each other. We still are. We are different but the same. We both adore Audrey Hepburn - her spirit, beauty, class, style, determination…her values.

That’s what makes our bond strong – our shared values. We see each other’s worth even though we are different. The one thing we will always value is our education. It gave us wings.

I revised to Guns and Roses for my GCSE’s. She revised to classical music.

We both love Motown, Nsync and Baby I love your way by Big Mountain.

I love to climb rocks. She loves ballet and is going to Pilates classes.

I love teaching children. She just about manages to think about stepping in to a classroom of children without shuddering!

My favourite film is Prince of Persia or maybe The Mummy – both very romantic as far as I’m concerned. Her favourite films feature J-Lo, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

We both love watching Audrey films.

I loved reading and studying Wuthering Heights. She loved reading and studying Austen’s work.

I have a tribal-esque cosmopolitan looking shelfie. My sister has a very Austen-esque cosmopolitan shelfie.

We both love literature.

I am very optimistic and free spirited. My sister is very realistic and grounded.

Diversity enables us to be different. It makes us unique. I see the unparalleled worth of my little sister and am very proud of her. She is perfectly wonderful. One day I hope she'll realise that.

Humans are complex creatures. Humans are different. We are meant to be different. But we are still the same. A human’s worth is only of value when it is recognised and appreciated. Valuing diversity enables us to value difference.

Diversity is the thread that weaves through humanity. I hope it doesn't get tangled in complexity but strengthened by worth.    

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Kiran S

Kiran S

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Anoara Mughal Anoara Mughal @ano 7 months ago
Love this blog Kiran and the beautiful way you have defined diversity.
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 7 months ago
This is stunning. My sister & I are similar on our common core values but have different ways of embodying them too. I love they way you entwine difference & diversity, both are to be celebrated. With #WomenEd events we come as strangers, leave as sisters, connected by our common experience & core values. X
Charlie Kraig Charlie Kraig @cvkraig 7 months ago
Lovely. Made me think of my own sister and how we are very much alike yet so very different...thank you for your words.
Kiran S Kiran S @kiran 7 months ago
Thank you Hannah!! And yes the beauty of sisterhood does apply to #womened perfectly. Sisters are different flowers from the same garden x x
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