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Saturday 1st April, 2017 was a perfect day. To me, a perfect day is when you are truly content. I was perfectly content.

Amidst a sea of words, beautiful phrases floated above and became stars that studded a literary sky of knowledge.

Reading The Journey for the first time was a very special moment. The pages that Mat showcased so beautifully invited you to dive in to the depths of an emotive narrative and in essence, humanity - what it means to be human. Mat was one of many treasures in the trove of speakers. He was the diamond - he has the rare and very special quality of illuminating books so they speak to your heart and soul.

Simon Smith - the emerald. He spoke with striking openness. Speaking from the heart, his unconditional love for books shone through, gloriously.

Nick Swarbrick reminded me of Richard Attenborough from Miracle on 34th Street - genuinely, a person of true quality I thought as he started to speak. His words bestowed a sense of calm, stability and balance to the theme of parent partnership. Definitely the amethyst.

Mary Myatt and Andrew Moffatt - wise and inspirational. Their words amplified important messages. Sparks splintered off every word they spoke, lighting flames and fires in their listeners. Definitely the red rubies.

Martin Galway was just wonderful to listen to. He spoke with vulnerability, passion and purpose. At times, his words sounded like they could’ve been plucked from a sonnet or a soliloquy - love for reading. His words had the fluidity of free verse, delicacy of a sonnet but the power of an epic.

Mary Roche was the jewel of the day. I still can’t believe I’ve met her! She truly is a wonderful lady. As she was speaking, I did think to myself this is one of the best lessons I will ever sit in. She spoke articulately. Her values were woven into every message she shared. Her love of learning fluttered through each slide and video. But her appreciation and respect for people was undoubtedly the serenade that I could hear in each and every word she spoke.

All of them had an unadulterated passion for books. They not only understood the power of reading and books, but they shared their rich expertise, laced with passion and love.

To me, books are portals that transport you to another world, keep you safe amidst a chaos, and invite you in, share secrets with you. You are a trusted friend or a welcome onlooker. You can be anything. But, most importantly, you are a human who is expected to connect. With each turn of a page, you enter deeper in to the words that capture a world, a moment in time, a memory. OxfordReadingSpree is a cherished memory which echoes a truth that reading is a magical process that enables you to continue to learn and grow. 

Every human has the right to know and experience the magic of REAL reading.

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Ed Finch Ed Finch @edfinch 8 months ago
Wow! Thankyou for this. What a lovely tribute to the day. Looking forward to next Oxford Reading Spree even more after reading this.
Anoara Mughal Anoara Mughal @ano 8 months ago
Thank you for this brilliant update! Shame I missed it!
Kiran S Kiran S @kiran 8 months ago
thank you organising such a wonderful day @edfinch can not wait for the next one! Have a lovely Easter
Kiran S Kiran S @kiran 8 months ago
@ano it was a brilliant day. Hopefully next year!
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