What is womened?


Energy. Optimism. Gracious. Care and kindness. Respectful. Empowerment. Hopeful.

Positive energy manifested everywhere.

Optimism was shining brightly.

Grace, care and kindness weaved in to action, conversation and presentation.

Respect dwelled in every word spoken.

Empowerment magnified with each smile and nod.

Hopefulness transcended. It was profoundly palpable.

Womened is powerful. 

I loved attending my first #womened event - it was magical x 

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Kiran S

Kiran S

Primary teacher who loves her job.

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Annemarie  Williams Annemarie Williams @awilliams 7 months ago
Thank you for sharing such positive feedback from your day! Lovely to connect with you at @womened regional event .
Anoara Mughal Anoara Mughal @ano 6 months ago
It was great meeting you at @womened . You are not only a gorgeous person onTwitter but in real life too! Hope to see you soon.
Kiran S Kiran S @kiran 6 months ago
@ano you are too kind! Yes, hope we get to meet again!
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