What would be on our #womened playlist?


One of the best things about being human is connecting. Music is a master magician of connection.

Destiny’s Child were survivors, Christina was a fighter and Britney was stronger. Three incredible songs about being strong that I remember very well growing up. Now, Little Mix have The Power, Hailee Steinfeld wants to be like Most Girls and Maggie Lindemann is Not Just A Pretty Girl. They are a different version of the same message.

Strength. Independence. Unique.

Below are some links to some interesting articles about what are classed as empowering anthems for women. Peruse at your leisure.





It got me thinking which songs empower, well no, lift me up…

My top tracks...it could on forever but these birdsongs always lift me

Fifth Harmony That’s My Girl

Alicia Keys – Girl on fire

Paulo Nutini – Someone Like You

The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Kings Of Leon – The Immortals

Heaven Is A Place On Earth – Belinda Carlisle

Kylie Minogue – Love at First Sight

Rudimental – Right Here Right Now

A Sky Full Of Stars – Coldplay

Paradise – Coldplay

Foxes – Glorious

Girls Aloud – Something New (the chorus)

Little Mix - Salute 

Wonder what would be on your playlist ALL #womened ladies? X 


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Vivienne Porritt Vivienne Porritt @vivienne 4 months ago
Lovely tracks, Kiran. The deep down romantic in me loves Moon Dance sung by anyone! Especially Van Morrison. I love the powerful voice of Dusty Springfield. Her singing of You're My World is spectacular. Shania Twain's Feel like a Woman is also fabulous.
Anoara Mughal Anoara Mughal @ano 4 months ago
Love those tracks Kiran! That's exactly what I do- dance and sing around the house and in my car! Also it seems that we have some similar tastes. Here's my current playlist: Andra Day- Rise up, Paolo Nutini- Caustic Sky , Bruno Mars- Treasure, Dua Lipa- Lost in your light, Imagine Dragons- Thunder, Glass Animals-Youth and Rudimental- Sun comes up to name but a few.
Kiran S Kiran S @kiran 4 months ago
@ano love love love sun comes out xx
Kiran S Kiran S @kiran 4 months ago
Dusty Springfield is classic class! Brilliant tracks which I will add to the playlist I am creating @vivienne x x
Vivienne Porritt Vivienne Porritt @vivienne 4 months ago
And look forward to your YouTube channel, Kiran. Now there's a thought for #WomenEd!
Helen Pengelly Helen Pengelly @happyteachers 4 months ago
Every little thing she does is magic is one of my favourite songs of all time! I haven't heard of many of the others - it's an age thing. :(
Kiran S Kiran S @kiran 4 months ago
@vivienne what YouTube channel?! If you are part of it too then ok! What a thought indeed x
Kiran S Kiran S @kiran 4 months ago
Love the song - it always lifts me up :) age has nothing to do with it! It is all about discovering the music x x @happyteachers
Natalie Wilcox Natalie Wilcox @natw 4 months ago
Katy Perry - Roar and Rachel Platten - Fight Song are great for feeling empowered and there's the classic #womened "I am woman!"
Kiran S Kiran S @kiran 4 months ago
Love it! Thank you @natw , will put them on the playlist too x
Victoria  Cane Victoria Cane @victoriaannecane 4 months ago
Love Katie Perry 'Roar' here too. I'm adding Megan Trainor 'All About That Bass' and 'No'.
Kiran S Kiran S @kiran 4 months ago
Lovely, thank you @victoriaannecane - will add to playlist

I have issues with All About That Bass...some girls can't help being small and petite but a song about being proud to be naturally small that probably would be seen as offensive maybe or exclusive in different way compared to All About That Bass?!
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