Myth Busting Blog Series


Thank you to all of you who contributed to the #womened #digimeet It was a fantastic showcase of authentic voice demolishing myths and singing their truths. 

Below are the link to each and every blog from the series. 

No 1 Women are Queen Bees @kiran (Twitter: @KSunray3)

No 2 Women are soft @andream656‍ (Twitter: @andream656)

No 3 Girls/women are bossy @misswilsey‍ (Twitter: @HopefulHT)

No 4 Women are too busy @annaambrose‍ (Twitter: @AnnaAmbrose)

No 5 Women are baby makers @hgregory (Twitter: @SMPedagogy)

No 6 Women can't work with each other successfully @missavis‍ (Twitter: @Miss_LAvis)

No 7 Women are soft @hannahtyremancpd‍ (Twitter: @hannahtyreman)

No 8 My Love is your love @awilliams‍ (Twitter: @OdysseyTrust)

No 9 Women wear masks @kathryn22‍ (Twitter: @KLMorgan_2)

No 10 Women are better nurturers than behaviour managers @clairestoneman‍ (Twitter: @stoneman_claire)

No 11 Women are domesticated by Kirsty Tonks (Twitter: @KirstyTonksSCA)

No 12 Women wear dresses @govclerk‍ (Twitter: @dogpaws23)

No 13 Women lack ambition @naz08‍ (Twitter: @Naznin08)

No 14 Women's empowerment comes at the expense of men? By Maria O'Neill (Twitter: @DaringOptimist)

No 15 Women only work in cliques @julescrane‍ (Twitter: @flexteaching)

No 16 Women are baby-makers by Emma Sheppard (Twitter: @maternityCPD)

Happy Reading x 

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Kiran S

Kiran S

Primary teacher who loves her job.

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Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 2 months ago
Wow! Wow! Wow! You are so super efficient Missy. Fab #womened #digimeet. Stunning imagery. Brilliant curation. Well done, loved reading them all! x
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