Why I am not sorry.


I am not sorry that on Monday morning Susan is going to ask for a pay rise. I am not sorry that Jane is going to ask to go on the Senior Leadership CPD programme. Neither am I sorry that Deborah is going to request that she can retain her leadership role and work part-time. I am not sorry that Gill is going to ask why SLT meetings are scheduled to finish after the time the nursery closes, thus effectively denying her inclusion in key decision making forums. I am not sorry that Claire, Judith and Diane will all be applying for leadership roles. I am not sorry that as a result of attending the #WomenEdSE Event, superbly led by @jarmanclaire, that women's voices will be sounding out on Monday morning.

I am sorry that across education women still face systemic inequalities, in leadership, in pay, in accessing professional development. I am sorry that we still face behaviours which are nothing short of bullying. I am sorry because this is morally wrong, it is unfair and it's  a huge waste of talent. What does this teach our children and young people? 

I am not sorry that over 10 thousand women have connected up with #womened‍. I am not sorry that through this grassroots movement women are seeking to be heard and to be valued. I am not sorry that we are challenging our "bosses". I am not sorry that we are challenging ourselves. I am not sorry that through #womened‍ things are changing. I am not sorry that the Chartered College of Teaching recognises the huge inequity that exists in our system. 

I am not sorry that wonderful women leaders like @vivienne‍, @AlisonMPeaccok,and Umbar Shaif are collaborating, connecting and saying with great clarity, we are the leaders of change. Through  #womened‍ we are certainly stronger. 

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Kerry Jordan-Daus

Kerry Jordan-Daus

Head of Partnerships, Faculty of Education, Canterbury Christ Church University.

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Clare Erasmus Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach 4 months ago
Awesome blog. I wish I could have been there....family commitments came first...but reading this blog makes me whoop whoop and jump up and down and declare yet again the status quo will be challenged by a wave of women boosted by WomenEd. Let's not stop here.
Kerry Jordan-Daus Kerry Jordan-Daus @kerry 4 months ago
Thank you. This was written immediately after the event, I was feeling enthused and energised.
Vivienne Porritt Vivienne Porritt @vivienne 4 months ago
Oh, @kerry this is amazing. I'm glad that you have articulated so clearly all the issues raised at Brighton today in presentations, workshops and discussions. And your provocation is the right one. We shouldn't be sorry, we should systematically and collectively ask for what is equitable, fair and just. As @cerasmusteach says above, let's not stop here. We were by the seaside today and so the image of a tidal wave of women asking for what is right is apt. Maybe that's my blog tomorrow.....
Sarah Hardy Sarah Hardy @sarahhardy 4 months ago
Sound so like an inspiring day!! It's so invigorating to read and see how powerful we can be for change when we support each other. I can't wait to see everyone in Sheffield and hear such fabulous stories of change and courage.
Kerry Jordan-Daus Kerry Jordan-Daus @kerry 4 months ago
Thank you Vivienne and Sarah. I was inspired.
Matt  Young Matt Young @mattyoung 4 months ago
Amazing blog @kerry. Sounded like a fantastic day.
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