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I was nominated for the twitterati challenge by @haslemeremuseum over two weeks ago, so I have already reneged on the 7 day turnaround of this project, but I hope you will forgive me.

I am honoured to have been included and called an 'educator', although I'm not sure I  really am. I am interested in supporting, encouraging museum colleagues to find new ways to work that benefit the people who visit and enjoy museums (and those that don't, if they will allow it). I like to promote museums and the activities that are inspired by them, many of which are educational, sharing good museum practice and debate around what museums currently do and could do better.

Anyway, here are a few people that have educated and inspired me since joining Twitter and I hope they will do the same for you. (To those nominated please don't feel a pressure to continue this if it isn't your thing!) To stick to the rules (although I will twist them 'slightly') here are my Top 5 Twitterati in no particular order!

@museumhour for every Monday evening with tweets by @tehm & @sospot and guest hosts tweeting #museumhour on a specific topic, changing each week. A great way to learn about what other museums are doing and to ask questions.

@jackshoulder for a great blog, through which I get to see museums in a new way. This blog post kind of sums this up... jacksadventuresinmuseumland.wo...

For natural sciences two faves vie for top spot; @paoloviscardi a curator @hornimanmuseum who really knows his stuff, gets out there and tells the world about it see #extremecurator and I love his Friday Mystery object on his blog & @JanFreedman Natural History curator at Plymouth Museum who tweets on a wide range of topics; natural sciences, archaeology with a dash of pop culture thrown in which makes his tweets so human and approachable see

@rgs1510 for starting the hashtag #MuseumDocumentation, and educating the world on the importance of museum documentation. Read his article on a blog managed by @RegistrarTrek, and mentions @NickPoole1,another two twitteratti worth following for their museum documentation advocacy.

@DerbySilkMill - (major cheat) a fantastic team of really inspiring museum people including @emma_hallam @CuratorDaniel @jonathanmuseum @andreahj @hannahfox @chris_keady @tonybutler1... all are worth following, as are @derbymuseum and @DMNature for their participatory practice, determination in face of adversity and positive energy which has resulted in earmarked funding of £9.38million from HLF. Well Done Derby! 

If you have been nominated, and wish to continue the nomination love then see the blog by Martyn Reah for info

There are only 3 rules:

You cannot knowingly include someone you work with in real life.

You cannot list somebody that has already been named if you are already made aware of them being listed on #TwitteratiChallenge

You will need to copy/paste the title of this blogpost, the rules and what to do info into your own post.

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Katie Hobbs

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Andy Knill Andy Knill @andyknill 2 years ago
Great to meet outside the normal Twitterati circles I abide within, thanks for sharing
[Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] 2 years ago
Some nice links here that have widened my feed - thanks!
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